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Wisconsin Council on Special Education - March 2018

Event Date

Friday, March 16, 2018 -
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
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Event Description

Regular meeting to promote the education of children with disabilities and provide advice to the state superintendent and Department of Public Instruction on matters related to special education.

A complete agenda is also available on the Council on Special Education Agenda and Minutes website.


Welcome New Council Members & Introductions
Public Appearances
Minutes of Meeting #316 (Jennifer to lead; all to review)
Correspondence/Chairpersons’ Report (Jennifer Mims-Howell & Amy Stevens)
  1. Information about roles and responsibilities
  2. Open Forum Letter Review & Discussion of 2nd Open Forum
  3. Potential Revisions to ByLaws
  4. UWW Program
Council Member Reports and Issues (Full Council)
  1.  UWW Life Program
  2. AAC (Mike Hipple)
  3. Additional Council Members
Part A: IDEA Complaint and Due Process Hearing Findings & Decisions (Jennifer to lead)
Part B: Patricia Williams to answer questions
Department of Public Instruction Report: Information and Discussion
  1. Director’s Update (Barbara Van Haren with Assistant Directors Patricia, Daniel, Julia, & Courtney)
  • Personnel Updates (Introduce Seth, Carolyn, and Iris - Data Analyst, OOA, & Academic Accommodations Instructional Modifications Consultant)
  • ESSA
  • PI-34
  • Transition Grants (Nancy Molfenter, 2 Different Grant Opportunities)

Special Report: State Systemic Improvement Plan – Evaluation & Improvement Strategies (Julia Hartwig) 10 minutes


Special Report: State Systemic Improvement Plan – Evaluation & Improvement Strategies (Julia Hartwig)
  1. SSIP evaluation
  • Evaluation plan and interim data (Julia Hartwig and Seth Bishop, 30 min)
  1.  Improvement strategy #1 (Coordinated District Improvement)
  • Coordinated improvement framework and supports (Julia & Courtney)
  1. Improvement strategy #2 (Professional Learning)
  • CCR IEPs and Co-Teaching (Daniel Parker)
  1. Improvement strategy #3 (Coaching)
  • Statewide coaching vision and tools (Rachel Fregien and Joseph Kanke)
  1. Improvement strategy #4 (Compliance for results)
  • PCSA updates (Patti Williams)

Special Report: State Report Card (Laura Pinsonneault) 30 minutes

New Business (Jennifer to lead)

Old Business (Jennifer to lead)

Announcements (Jennifer)
  • Next Meeting Date (June 16, 2018)

Public Appearances

Adjournment (Jennifer)


Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
GEF 3, Room P41
125 South Webster Street, Madison WI  53703


Rita K. Fuller, DPI Special Education Team
Family Engagement Education Consultant

(800) 441-4563