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Taking an Equitable Approach

COVID-19 is highlighting and widening educational inequities previously existing in our school system and disproportionately impacting some communities and groups of students. Educators should consider the following questions as they plan to return to school:

  • What inequities has the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted?
  • How are you addressing these inequities?
  • Who is at the table when you are planning and making decisions? How are you ensuring those who are most impacted are an integral part of the planning and decision making process?
  • How are decisions and decision-making processes made transparent to those they affect? Does everyone know how to make a suggestion or raise an issue?
  • What are the assets of under-served and under-resourced communities that you work with or belong to?
  • What might help staff notice biases in working with people different from themselves?
  • Do you have a full enough understanding of the needs of specific groups as you identify priorities?
  • Will the decisions you are making help you to meet the needs of all students?
  • How are you actively seeking and using data to understand needs and perspectives of different groups of students?
  • Does everyone on the team have access to the same information?
For questions about this information, contact Tamara Mouw (608) 266-2364, Christine Tiedje (608) 266-3706