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Wisconsin edTPA

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Completing the edTPA is no longer a state requirement as of July 1, 2020. Moreover, the Governor suspended the edTPA requirement during the public health emergency from March 21, 2020, through May 11, 2020.

Starting July 1, 2020, there are only two situations where teacher candidates will still need to take the edTPA:

  • The candidate applied for licensure using the License Based on Equivalency pathway.
  • The candidate's approved preparation program requires the edTPA for program completion.

What is edTPA?

The edTPA is a pre-service teacher performance assessment. To complete the edTPA, candidates:

  • choose a learning segment of 3-5 lessons in one class
  • collect artifacts (lesson plans, instructional materials, teaching videos, assessments, and sample student work)
  • write commentaries in response to prompts in the subject-specific edTPA handbook
  • submit their artifacts and commentaries for professional scoring

Scorers rate candidate performance in planning, instruction, and assessment using rubrics in the edTPA handbooks.

When was it implemented?

Full Implementation was completed during the  2016-2017 year. Student teacher candidates from Wisconsin educator preparation programs (EPP) complete the edTPA before or during their student teaching placements. 

How was it selected for Wisconsin?

After careful study, the Wisconsin Continuous Review Process Workgroup recommended and the state superintendent approved the edTPA as a required component in the multiple measure performance assessment system of educator preparation. A state edTPA workgroup is providing leadership with edTPA implementation and each EPP has identified a contact who is leading local program efforts. 

  • Continuous Review Process Work Group Report - Final Report and State Superintendent approval for the Continuous Review Process of program approval.
  • edTPA Work Group Report - Policy recommendations and State Superintendent approval for Wisconsin edTPA implementation efforts.

Passing Scores

Effective September 1, 2016, initial licensure candidates must earn the following passing scores on the edTPA in order to be endorsed for an initial license:

  • 38 for edTPA handbooks with 15 rubrics
  • 32 for edTPA handbooks with 13 rubrics
  • 45 for edTPA handbooks with 18 rubrics.

Information for School Districts

A critical part of the Wisconsin preparation process is the student teaching experience.  It is during the candidates' full semester of student teaching, which occurs at the end of our preparation programs, that our candidates experience the authentic, rigorous, sustained day-to-day reality of what a teacher must be able to do every single day. Candidates are guided by a master teacher during this clinical experience and they hone their skills to demonstrate for us that they are "ready to teach" independently.  Our school districts have been incredible partners in this process and now more than ever, we need your continued commitment.  

Resources for the edTPA and student teaching placements:

Reach out to our approved Wisconsin educator preparation programs and ask for a student teacher, invite them to tell you more about edTPA, or recommend a master teacher from your district as a cooperating teacher. Also, consider a teacher intern through our Wisconsin Improvement Program.

Information for Wisconsin Educator Preparation Programs

Wisconsin colleges, universities, and alternative route to licensure program providers use the edTPA as a required performance assessment within their standards- and performance-based system of educator preparation.  

Information for Wisconsin Student Teacher Candidates

Each Wisconsin educator preparation program provider assists student teacher candidates to select the appropriate edTPA portfolio handbook. Consult with your program provider for specific details prior to registering for the edTPA. The following information will help you prepare for the edTPA experience:

Information for Parents and the Public

Student teacher candidates in Wisconsin are assessed on their ability to teach in order to get a Wisconsin teaching license. As a parent, your child may be in a classroom that has a student teacher completing an edTPA performance assessment.

The student teacher will be using a parent permission form to ensure your child can be included in the video clip of the student teacher’s instruction. There are many restrictions upon the viewing and sharing of the video clip, and candidates who violate these restrictions may be denied a teaching license.  Here are some resources to help you learn about edTPA:

What about educators who are prepared outside of Wisconsin?

Educators who complete a teacher preparation program outside of Wisconsin by August 31, 2016, do not need to complete an edTPA for licensure in Wisconsin.  Candidates who complete their program after August 31, 2016, and have less than one year of out-of-state teaching experience of at least one-half time employment in a PK-12, private, or charter school (not a tutoring site), must post a passing score on the edTPA.