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Support & Development

Ensuring our educators are both inspired and empowered to teach every student and that systems and practices support engaged learning that motivates children to reach their full potential are the mission and vision of all schools. Check out the programs, resources, and connections to create and improve systems and structures, as well as support and develop yourself and other educators.

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Educator Effectiveness System

The Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System is a performance-based feedback and support system designed to improve the education of all students in the state of Wisconsin by supporting guided, individualized, self-determined professional growth and development of educators.

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Every Teacher a Leader

Every child deserves to have a teacher that has been empowered to lead. When teachers are inspired to lead, teacher retention increases, school and district culture improves, teacher practice improves, and as a result student achievement increases. Teacher Voice and Leadership occurs in a culture where it's promoted and supported.

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Title II

Title II programs increase student achievement and close achievement gaps by offering professional development opportunities in core academic areas. The program offers funding for programs to recruit, train, and prepare candidates to become effective teachers in core academic areas.

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Additional Resources for Professional Learning

Educators are the Lead Learners in a school. It is important that they demonstrate a growth mindset as well as model continued growth and development. An educator's continuous improvement process increases equitable access to high quality education by all students. 

Check out this list of resources that can be used individually, facilitated, and/or in PLCs.