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2020 WEDSR Survey Now Available

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Each spring, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) sends out the annual Wisconsin Educator Development, Support, and Retention (WEDSR) survey. Initially, DPI planned to suspend the 2019-20 administration. However, some districts have made explicit requests for the survey to continue in 2019-20. Therefore, DPI and UWM will move forward with a modified version. UWM will send the survey to district administrators by email the week of April 27, 2020.

The modified version of the survey balances districts’ interest in data to inform supports during and after the pandemic, while also recognizing the undue stress districts are experiencing due to the pandemic. Some key modifications include:

  • The 2019-20 survey is entirely voluntary--No districts, schools, or educators are required to participate in the survey this year.
  • UWM has shortened the survey, so it takes less time to complete.
  • DPI has added a few questions specific to the COVID-19 emergency to inform state efforts to improve distance education for historically marginalized communities.
  • After sending out the survey the week of April 27th, UWM will only send ONE reminder to complete the survey (one week before it closes).
  • As always, UWM will keep school and district survey results private. DPI will not have access to school or district results, only state-level trends.


Is it required that my district participate? NO! Your district’s participation in the survey is entirely voluntary.

When will the survey close? This survey will be open throughout the remainder of the 2019-20 school year.

How will my educators be invited to take the survey? You may invite them by forwarding them the links on the UWM WEDSR website. One invitation will be sent to educators directly from Qualtrics (the survey platform). UWM will send out one reminder email in the last week of May.

What changes have been made to the WEDSR? The WEDSR is shorter and includes some limited questions about the challenges of providing distance education. We worked with districts to identify the questions they were most interested in. These include the core questions about EE regarding feedback, collaboration, principal leadership, and job satisfaction. All of the questions summarized in the Data Dashboard remain. The data dashboard allows districts to filter state-wide WEDSR data to be more closely matched to their own.

Who can take the survey? This is the first year that all educators are invited to participate in the survey. In previous years, only classroom teachers could participate in the educator survey. This has been expanded to allow all school educators, including paraeducators, specialists, and other support staff, to share their experiences.

Who will receive our results? Only participating schools and districts receive their results. DPI does not receive any data identifiable about schools or districts.

How many of my educators must participate for us to receive our results? This year, considering the circumstances, there is no response rate requirement to receive your results. While in previous years 40% had to participate, this year we are only requiring at least 5 participate. This is to protect the anonymity of responding educators. Of course, the more people in a district who participate, the more reliable and valid the results will be.

Is there a charge for a district to participate? No! DPI has paid UWM to offer this service free of charge.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Dr. Curtis Jones
Director of the Office of Socially Responsible Evaluation in Education
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Katie Rainey
Director of Educator Development & Support
WI Dept. of Public Instruction

Your local CESA