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Educator Effectiveness Exchange - Data Retreats

What is the Educator Effectiveness (EE) Exchange - Data Retreat?

The EE Exchange - Data Retreat is a half-day technical assistance opportunity designed to provide district and school leaders with unique insights and a rich opportunity for planning and growth in their EE implementation.

The session brings districts together to receive reports based on the Wisconsin Educator Development, Support, and Retention (WEDSR) Survey, both at the school and district level. District teams will hear about how to interpret the data from the team of researchers from Socially Responsible Evaluation in Education (SREed) at UW-Milwaukee that developed both the survey and reports.

Additionally, teams will be guided by a CESA facilitator in analyzing the data, self-assessing their overall level of EE implementation, setting goals for improving based on the data, and developing strategies to help meet those goals.

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What do districts need to do to attend EE Exchange - Data Retreats?

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Districts should:

  • Contact their local CESA to register a team for June 18 or 19, 2019;
  • Ensure that their educators are able to take the WEDSR Survey, and work with SREed and DPI to provide access, if necessary;
  • Encourage their educators to complete the WEDSR Survey; and
  • Ensure the district and any participating schools reach at least a 40 percent response rate.

Where can I learn more about the WEDSR Survey?

The UW-Milwaukee Socially Responsible Evaluation in Education provides information about the survey as well as access to take the survey.