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Elevating SUCCESS: EE for Learning-Centered Improvement

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We've heard you. We're listening. Change is coming, inspired by direct feedback and changes made locally by Wisconsin educators.

What & Why?

Wisconsin educators deserve our heartfelt admiration and gratitude for the challenging and superb work they have done to support students, families, and one another since March 2019. THANK YOU, educators! Your work has been tremendous, enormous, and —in the face of a global pandemic—historic.

We also want to thank you for sharing how you have changed local implementation of EE to focus on supporting staff during a hard year. Your changes, emphasizing coaching conversations and improvement (as opposed to compliance or documentation) have inspired us! And we plan to formalize your ideas as part of the EE System in the future.

Elevating SUCCESS, an EE System calibration, will be released statewide. This initiative will increase the consistency and quality of EE implementation across Wisconsin as a learning-centered process that explicitly centers equity.

All educators deserve the support and growth that research proves EE can provide. And all students deserve an educator who feels supported to take risks, grow, and continuously improve practices. During Elevating SUCCESS, we will calibrate understanding and implementation of EE so this becomes the reality statewide. Elevating SUCCESS aims to leverage EE’s proven potential to improve student outcomes statewide and close Wisconsin’s achievement gap.

2021-22 Elevating Success Pilot

In order to ensure that we are supporting educators, we have to hear FROM educators. We will conduct a pilot in 2021-22, seeking direct feedback about system changes, training, facilitation of the training, and supports provided between trainings. Representative districts from around the state will directly inform what is ultimately delivered during Elevating SUCCESS in a statewide release.