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Frontline Education to Complete Form Mapping

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The DPI Educator Development & Support team and Frontline Education have heard your feedback and concerns regarding the need to locally complete the mapping process for revised forms. Frontline’s past business model has required clients to do this work. However, a statewide implementation model and your feedback has pressed on that previous practice.

DPI successfully worked with Frontline Education to reach an agreement--Frontline Education will complete the mapping of forms for WI DPI model districts and 2R charters this year and in the future. We would like to recognize and express our gratitude for Frontline Education’s continued responsiveness to the concerns and needs of WI educators, as well as Frontline’s commitment to ensure that the platform supports the work and is not a barrier or burden.

Frontline Education staff will complete mapping for process forms in evaluation types of DPI default roles:
  • Teachers
  • Principals
  • Assistant or Associate Principals
  • Library Media Specialists
  • Occupational/Physical Therapists
  • School Counselors
  • Social Workers
  • Nurses
  • School Psychologists

Forms for other roles or evaluations may not be included. Form mapping services are available for other non-DPI roles, but may not needed at this time if you haven’t made revisions to those forms. To inquire about services for other roles, contact Technical Support at

To assist Frontline Education to efficiently and effectively complete the mapping for all WI users, please complete the following online form:

Mapping Services for Frontline Education platform 2017-18

Frontline Education ensures the completion of form mapping by March 31, 2018 if the online form is completed prior to midnight, November 19, 2017. Form mapping services will occur even if sign-up occurs after the above date.

Frontline will send notification of mapping completion to districts and 2R charters. You are asked to review the forms for functionality in a timely manner and report any issues, as updates to district forms will be prioritized based on the date/time Frontline received the request.

As always, thank you to the WI educators for their willingness to provide transparent feedback to DPI in order to better support the intended purpose and implementation of the WI EE System. If you have additional feedback or any remaining questions, please contact Laura Ruckert (