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for district-wide EE implementation


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Adopt the Growth-Focused EE Setup starting 2023-24

Get rid of your outdated 2016 setup!

First made available for optional adoption and set up in spring of 2021, these record-keeping tools and configuration options are designed to provide:

  • Advanced Customization - strategically utilize the configuration options, field requirement settings, number of observation instances, and professional conversation documentation log options to create a setup that supports your local EE implementation processes and educator growth.
  • Increased Flexibility - individualize your setup for each evaluation type/cycle year. Leave fields as "not required" to be completed and set local expectations for completion based on record-keeping practices and/or specific to individual educator needs (e.g., new teacher vs. veteran teacher)
  • Focus on Professional Growth - New and updated forms support: self-review indications of area of growth or area of strength instead of score; set & track progress on focus areas, actions steps, or strategies; as well as a one-stop shop portfolio of the year's entries, evidence, and progress for reflection and feedback.
  • Improved Information Integration - increased display of entries between forms prevents the need to have more than one form open at a time to support a process.
  • Robust Reports to Inform Local Systems Integration - targeted documentation that can be generated in custom reports by building or district. Custom reports can be saved, shared, and exported. Reports on documentation sections can reveal trends of needed PD areas, educator strengths that can be tapped into as leaders to support others in those specific areas, etc.

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Determine Configuration Aligned to Local Processes

DPI offers multiple setup options that you can configure to support your local EE processes. We’ve created resources and tools to help you decide what will work best for you and your staff.

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PDFs of Form Templates: View each of the new form templates for teacher, principal, as well as the asst. principal evaluation.
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Deep Dive into the Details: Information you need, including a worksheet, with which to create the setup that works best for your district.
                Form Template Details & Considerations
                Setup Options & Worksheet

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