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Educator Effectiveness Latest News

High Leverage PPGs

Article by Amy Ashton Are your staff members working hard? How do you know? You might answer that by saying they are coming in early, staying late,...

New Report Explores Relational Trust, Race, and Teacher Retention in WI Schools

New Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness Research Partnership (WEERP) report finds low trust between educators from different racial groups partially...

From Compliance to Commitment: How Five Districts are Approaching Learning-Centered Evaluation

What is learning-centered evaluation and is it happening in your district? Learning-centered evaluation is a major departure from traditional...

Two New Research Briefs Connect Implementation of EE System to Teacher Retention & Student Achievement

Learning-Centered Evaluation DPI purposefully designed the Educator Effectiveness (EE) System as a learning system to help educators...

Making Student Learning Objectives Meaningful

I recently met with a group of teachers to discuss assessments that align with the vision of the new Wisconsin Standards for Science. When I brought...

SREed Report Indicates Local EE Implementation & Teacher Job Satisfaction

As part of the statewide evaluation of Educator Effectiveness (EE) conducted by the Office of Socially Responsible Evaluation in Education (SREed) at...

The Problem with Exemplars

I remember many instances over the (twenty-plus) years I was in the classroom when the promise of “exemplars” failed me. Learners are typically eager...

Revised Principal Rubric for 2018-19 Leads to Process Form Updates

If you've been following our updates, you are aware that revisions have been made to the Wisconsin Framework for Principal Leadership rubric.  DPI...

Thanks to Educators for Survey Participation

We would like to thank the over 20,000 teachers who completed this year's annual Wisconsin Survey of Educator Development, Support, and Retention and...
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Frontline Education Upgrading Platform This Summer

This summer Frontline Education will be upgrading all eligible Wisconsin users over to their new Insights Platform. More than 1400 organizations...