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Principal & AP EE Process Forms

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WI Framework for Principal Leadership rubric was revised for 2018-19
DPI model districts and 2R charters must utilize this rubric in their feedback and forms for professional growth and continuous improvement of principals and assistant/associate principals.
          For more details:  2018-19 Rubric Revision Crosswalks

EE Documentation & Management Options

For the 2019-20 school year, districts and 2R charters using the DPI model have options for tools to document and manage EE processes and evidence. Select pieces of any option may be chosen for use and/or combined in ways that work well within each district's local context. Additionally, DPI recognizes there are likely other options not represented here--this list is not exhaustive; simply a starting point.  

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The decision to adopt or use of any documentation and management option should be made after weighing important considerations, such as the creation of local procedures, knowledge of technology use, and training/support.

See Options for EE Documentation & Management for detailed considerations associated with different options that can utilize the forms below.

Assistant & Associate Principal EE Forms & Guidance

Assistant and Associate Principals follow a learning-centered EE process that is nearly identical to the Principal process. The only difference is that Assistant and Associate Principals (APs) are required to be scored on 8 core components from the 19 components of the Wisconsin Framework for Principal Leadership, and may agree to include any or all of the remaining components to customize the EE process to align with the AP’s role or duties. 

For all aspects of the EE process, APs and their evaluators may use the same forms the Principals use, but should also use the Assistant Principal Effectiveness Cycle Planning Form at the beginning of the Effectiveness Cycle to identify and document which, if any, of the 11 optional components will be included in the AP’s EE process. It is recommended that the form is completed and finalized in a meeting of the evaluator and AP at the beginning of the Effectiveness Cycle.

Forms in Google format: