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Recertification of evaluators for DPI model districts/charters FAQs

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Reminder:  Always keep personal records of initial certification, calibration, and recertification completion. Download certificates and completion reports from the Teachscape Focus platform.

The requirements for evaluators and additional information can be found on our Evaluators & Effectiveness Coaches webpage.

When do I have to complete the recertification assessment?
Four (4) years after completion of the initial proficiency assessment.

What if I want to complete the recertification assessment this year, but it has only been 3 years since completion of the initial proficiency assessment?
You can take the assessment whenever you desire. However, it is only valid for the next 4 years, not 5 (4 years + the one still "left" from this cycle).

Where do I access the recertification assessment?
Initial certification, calibration, and recertification are still accessed in the Teachscape Focus online platform (

I don't see the recertification assessment in my account.
The district/charter EE Coordinator must contact Technical Support to request the assessment be added to individual accounts. See Focus Recertification for Evaluators/Observers for more details.

What does the recertification assessment entail? Does it take as long to complete as the initial certification did?
The recertification assessment consists only of watching videos of instruction and collection of evidence. It should take about 2.5 hours to complete, but there is only a 6-hour window once it’s started to complete it. It must be completed in one sitting. The Recertification Assessment is to be taken independently, not in a collaborative environment. See Preparing for Focus Recertification for Evaluators/Observers.

Can I prepare for the recertification assessment before taking it?
See Preparing for Focus Recertification for Evaluators/Observers for resources.

If I take the recertification assessment, do I still have to complete calibration 2 times this school year?
Calibration is required to be completed every semester between initial proficiency and recertification. Semester is defined as a 6 month duration (or twice a year), not necessarily a school year semester. Completing any Focus activity (initial certification, calibration, recertification) should occur approximately every 6 months. Completing recertification should "take the place" of completing calibration for one 'semester' of the year. If recertification is completed in July, calibration should be completed around January and again every 6 months.

Do I have to complete initial certification and/or recertification if I only evaluate principals?
No. The assessments and activities in Teachscape Focus are for evaluators of teachers.  It is recommended that evaluators of principals and assistant principals complete our online Principal Evaluation Training modules.


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