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Teachscape Focus 2.0

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Across the past few years, educators have informed DPI of outdated videos included in the Teachscape Focus certification and calibration tool. Recognizing outdated videos have the potential to be problematic from an equity perspective, DPI has asked Frontline Education, the owner of the Teachscape platform, to prioritize a review of the videos and remove any that are deemed problematic. DPI and Frontline also recognize that the videos are outdated in terms of practice (e.g., use of technology, pull-out interventions, etc.), and that the technology platform itself is outdated and difficult to navigate. For all of these reasons, DPI and Frontline Education have begun conversations about creating an improved evaluator certification and calibration tool. These conversations have focused on several desired outcomes. Specifically, DPI hopes the updated tool will:

  1. Continue to effectively train observers to accurately identify current levels of practice (as Focus does) but with updated videos;
  2. No longer focus on “collecting evidence” by scripting lessons, but instead taking notes necessary to support high-quality conversations with the educator;
  3. Include training and certification on conducting high-quality conversations about practice aligned to the rubrics; and
  4. Incorporate the same kind of training and certification for principal observers aligned to the principal framework.

DPI will provide updates as conversations continue. As always, thank you for providing the agency with the information necessary to move the work forward in a process of continuous improvement.