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Engagement by Design

Reader's Café provides everything you need to actively read, thoughtfully reflect, and strategically practice the skills and concepts introduced in our featured book, Engagement by Design by Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, Russ Quaglia, Dominique Smith, and Lisa Lande. Engagement by Design is jam-packed with realistic strategies for improving student engagement in your school and classroom.

Book Study Resources

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Suggested Pacing Guide

Recommended pacing spans the entire school year. You’ll have ample time to read, set goals, practice techniques, reflect, and collaborate with your colleagues at a pace that supports growth, learning, and school/classroom transformation.

Facilitator's Guide

Nominate one member of your group as a facilitator and use this simple guide to promote group success.

Individual Journal template

Each group member can keep track of key ideas, goals, progress, and reflections with the individual journal.

Group Journal template

Suggest topics for group discussion and stay on track with a group journal.



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