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WOW Readers Cafe

Readers Cafe provides everything you need to actively read, thoughtfully reflect, and strategically practice the skills and concepts introduced in our featured books, Starting a Movement by Ken Williams and Student Voice by Russ Quaglia. Simply put together a small group of your peers, choose your book, and get started using the resources below!

Readers Cafe Resources

This 1-page flyer provides information about taking part in a Readers Cafe book study, including discount pricing on the books.


Each reading group will choose one member as group facilitator. This 2-page document provides guidelines and best practices for successfully facilitating a book study group.


Establishing group norms up front is an important element of group success. Use this 1-page document as a starting point.


Group Journal Templates

A shared group document to track reading group progress and suggested discussion questions.


Individual Journal Templates

Individual journal for each member to track personal progress during the course of the book study.


Pacing Guide

The book study is carefully designed to unfold at a slow pace. The recommended pace for each book will allow ample time for group members to meaningfully practice new skills, reflect on results, share information with other group members, and develop action plans to support continuous improvement.