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Is your Frontline Education platform ready for 2018-19?

Monday, July 16, 2018

Have you been upgraded to the new Insights platform?

WI districts and 2R charters utilizing Frontline are required to email Frontline prior to August in order to ensure a smooth transition. As of today, over 50 districts have not yet done so.*


  1. Email Frontline Education at immediately.
  2. Indicate which Frontline products your district uses (Professional Growth for evaluation, Absence Management, etc.).
  3. Indicate whether or not your district utilizes single sign-on (LDAP/SAML/Active Directory) to access the products. Single sign-on users will not be upgraded at this time.

* Districts and charters failing to verify products will be automatically upgraded in August. Thank you to the 300 WI districts and 2R charters who have responded to Frontline and were upgraded to the Frontline Insights platform on Thursday, July 12th.

Have you completed the 2018-19 Form Set-Up survey?

All principal evaluation forms must be updated for DPI model districts and 2R charters as a result of principal rubric revisions.


  1. The updates must occur after you complete rollover and before users start using the forms.
  2. Frontline Education will do all of the set up for you, including mapping, but you must notify them of your rollover completion date and the date when forms go into use.
  3. Use this form to notify Frontline.

Please note:

  • Frontline Education requires a 2-week window of time to complete the set-up process for your district/charter.
  • If the online form is not completed by the end of August, forms will automatically be updated in your site. If this update occurs after users begin entering data, the data will need to be copied and pasted into the new forms after being "found" in the orphaned data.

Looking for Insights platform training?

Training videos and more information can be reviewed on the Frontline Education Upgrade Resources webpage. User Management staff for all of the Frontline Education products will need to watch the Data Review and Launch Day videos. Some of this information will also be highlighted at the summer/fall regional UMS meetings at your local CESA.


Questions? Contact Laura Ruckert at