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Speaking and Listening


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The purpose of this module is to provide meaningful examination of the relevant research, standards, instructional strategies, and assessment ideas related to listening, collaborative conversations/discussions, and presentation of knowledge and ideas. These resources can be downloaded, customized, and used to facilitate professional learning of educators that is focused on the Wisconsin Standards for ELA in Speaking and Listening.

Directions for facilitating this professional learning:

  • Access the facilitator's guide for detailed speaker notes and instructions
  • Get a copy of the presentation. If you are interested in using another format (Google Slides, PowerPoint, or PDF) to facilitate and familiarize yourself with the content, please use the "download as" feature (located in the "file" menu).


The first section of this professional learning explores Wisconsin’s unique foundational documents to establish the overarching elements for speaking and listening which are based on the integrated nature of literacy, culturally responsive practices, and a broad definition of text. Here, critical literacy is the framework that binds all of these components and offers meaningful ways for students to listen, discuss, and share knowledge and ideas.

Videos on Critical Literacy



This section of the professional learning examines what it means to listen and what students listen to. After learning about the research related to listening, participants will explore an instructional strategy, various texts that can be used for listening purposes, and assessment strategies.

Collaborative Conversations

This  section examines research, standards, and instructional practices for teaching different types of collaborative conversations. Assessment strategies are also explored.

Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas

The final section provides time for exploration of what presentation of knowledge and ideas means based on research and standards. Instructional strategies regarding the use of technology tools for presentation are shared, along with ideas for assessment.

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