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The purpose of this professional learning module is to provide a meaningful examination of the relevant research, standards, and instruction related to particular aspects of the teaching of writing.  The module highlights how task, purpose, and audience shape instructional choices within genres/subgenres and use of technology tools.

Characteristics of effective writing instruction and the writing process are central components to this professional learning. These resources are meant to be downloaded, customized, and used to facilitate professional learning specific to your context.


Directions for facilitating this professional learning:


21st Century Expectations: Examining Task, Audience, and Purpose


Characteristics of Effective Writing Instruction

21st Century Expectations

The first part of this professional learning explores research and concepts related to 21st century expectations for teaching and learning. These include the definition of  text, definitions of college and career readiness, use of technology, and context for communication. The video provides an overview of these aspects.

Characteristics of Effective Writing Instruction

This section of the professional learning focuses on different characteristics of effective writing instruction. The video provides background for some of these characteristics, and provides an example of how breaking down a writing process is beneficial for teaching and learning about writing.

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