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Monitoring of Reclassified ELs

Two-Year Monitoring


The federal policy for post-EL monitoring is as follows: "School districts must monitor the academic progress of former EL students for at least two years to ensure that students have not been prematurely exited; any academic deficits they incurred resulting from the EL program have been remedied; and they are meaningfully participating in the district’s educational programs comparable to their peers who were never EL students (never-EL peers)."

While the implementation can differ between schools and districts, there are a few core pieces to this monitoring:

  • Former ELs are coded ELP 6 in ISES, and the date they were changed to this designation is listed
  • For two years, monitor their academic progress, including both state and local assessment data, and any other indicators of their English proficiency
  • Document this data in such a way that it can be accessed by EL staff, and used to determine whether or not a student is being negatively impacted by reclassification
  • If there are indications that the reclassification to former EL is negatively impacting the student, offer supports as needed to correct these issues. These supports can be as minimal as additional linguistic supports in one or more content areas, and as extensive as reclassification back to EL and a resumption of EL services.

After two years, if there is no indication of a negative effect from reclassification, monitoring can be discontinued. However, if at any time in the future this student meets the criteria of limited English proficient, you are obligated to provide EL services.

Bulletin O801: Two-Year Monitoring Requirements for Former English Language Learners


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