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Project WILD is a nationwide program that assists PreK-12 educators in teaching about wildlife and their habitat. The materials are available through Project WILD workshops lead by certified instructors. More than 165 hands-on activities provide interactive learning for youth groups, home schools, camps and nature centers.

Project WILD Guides

Project WILD Guide

Project WILD Activity Guide focuses on terrestrial wildlife, habitat and responsible human actions. Multidisciplinary activities focus around major themes, including ecosystems and niches, interdependence, changes and adaptations, biodiversity, wildlife issues and trends and wildlife conservation. Spanish-language versions of activities from this guide can be found in Proyecto WILD.

Aquatic Project WILD K-12 Activity Guide explores the wonderful world of water and the aquatic habitats it supports. Students learn about specially adapted wildlife that call our ponds, streams, wetlands, lakes, rivers and oceans home. Spanish-language versions of activities from this guide can be found in Proyecto WILD.

Science and Civics: Sustaining Wildlife serves as a guide for involving students in environmental action projects. Students focus on benefiting the local wildlife found in and around their community. Young people are involved in decisions affecting people, wildlife and their shared habitat.

Growing Up WILD is an activity guide for educators of children aged 3-7 that aims to connect young children with nature and the outdoors.

Flying WILD introduces students in the upper elementary and middle school grades to bird conservation. This occurs through a standards-based classroom activity guide and through environmental stewardship projects. Flying WILD encourages schools and nature centers to work closely with conservation organizations, community groups, and businesses involved with birds to implement school bird festivals – events which students take a leading role in teaching their classmates and community about migratory birds.

Many Project WILD activities can enhance outdoor learning and exploration on the schoolyard, playground, or in your local neighborhood and community.
Project WILD Schoolyard activities 

Taking Action: An Educator's Guide to Involving Students in Environmental Action Projects. This guide is made up of summaries of successful projects from around the country. It includes basics of project planning, conflict resolution ideas, benefits, implementation and evaluation. This guide is available by contacting Wisconsin Project WILD. 
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How Project WILD works

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Project WILD believes in training. People are introduced to Project WILD materials at workshops conducted by a statewide network of facilitators in Wisconsin. We can match you with a facilitator in your area. A Project WILD Workshop is an exciting, engaging and powerful learning experience, where educators of all disciplines receive the latest Project WILD materials, learn to teach wildlife education activities and walk away inspired.

Project WILD’s core curricular materials, the Project WILD K-12 Curriculum and Activity Guide, the Aquatic WILD K-12 Curriculum and Activity Guide, and Science and Civics: Sustaining Wildlife, are NOT for sale. These guides are distributed free of cost to participants through workshops offered by certified trainers.

Other Project WILD materials are for sale and can be purchased with a credit card in the on-line store or with a check or money order by sending an order form to the Project WILD National Office.

Project WILD Beliefs

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As with all good educational materials, Project WILD is concerned with providing information as well as helping students evaluate choices and make responsible decisions. In short, Project WILD's mission is to help students learn how to think, not what to think, about wildlife and the environment. All curriculum materials are backed by sound educational practices and theory and represent the work of many within the fields of education and natural resource management from across the country.


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Check out a sample activity and this comprehensive list  of resources to support Project WILD including links by topic area and the conceptual framework, to standards correlations, to state and national resource links.