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2018 Lunch Data

District Free and Reduced Data

Here is the school enrollment and free and reduced data that you will use for the July 1, 2018 E-rate funding year.  You should enter this data into your district's EPC profile.

As with last year, we are providing you with data from the prior school year.  That is, the numbers provided here are from the 2016-2017 school year.  We strongly recommend that you use this data because DPI will send it to PIA, and PIA reviewers will use it to certify the enrollment and lunch data numbers that you have entered into EPC.  If you use this data you should get no enrollment or F/R questions from PIA.  If you use other numbers, you must deal with any questions you get from PIA.

DPI  cannot provide your third Friday enrollment and F/R numbers from fall of 2017 because review of this data will not be completed until late Jan., 2018 and the EPC administrative window will close in early January.  Once it is closed there will be no way to update your F/R information.

Finally -- you will note that this year we did not calculate district totals.  We have only provided the enrollment and free and reduced counts for every school.  Once you enter them, EPC will do the calculation.

For questions about this information, contact Bill Herman (608) 267-2346