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2019 Lunch Data

2019 Free/Reduced Lunch Data for 2019 

--Public Schools and School Districts  

--Private Schools

Here is the Free/Reduced data for 2019 that you should enter into your EPC profile for your 2019 E-rate application. 

Enter this data before January 7, 2019 when the EPC administrative window closes, so that your district's E-rate discount rate will be correctly calculated for the 2019 E-rate funding year.  

We have posted the latest available certified data that DPI has. Note that the enrollment and free and reduced data are from last school year (2017-2018), because DPI will not have certified counts for 2018-2019 until after the EPC administrative window closes.  We strongly recommend that you enter the numbers that we have posted.  If you use the DPI numbers you should not get any questions on them from PIA  but if you do, notify DPI immediately.   

However, if you choose to enter current year enrollment and free and reduced data into your EPC profile you will almost certainly get questions from PIA.  Because of this, if you enter any numbers into your EPC profile that are different from the numbers posted here, please submit an e-mail to DPI with the data that you have entered for each of your schools, along with a screenshot or report from your SIS that backs up the numbers, including the date that they were taken.

For questions about this information, contact Ed Snow (608) 267-2346