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Wisconsin DPI staff supports schools and libraries when completing applications and program forms and during compliance reviews and audits. DPI also works with staff at TEACH Wisconsin and the Department of Administration in filing the Wisconsin consortium application related to Badger Converged Network (BCN) services.

Through its E-rate specialists, DPI continues to provide technical assistance with the E-rate application process to all Wisconsin districts and schools requesting funding. In addition to the applications, DPI has also assisted and filed when necessary, documentation for any clarifications or appeals needed during PIA reviews and Audits.

K-12 Schools and CESAs

Ed Snow
Instructional Technology Services
(608) 267-2346 -- e-mail Ed Snow

Keeping up to Date


The introduction to new information, the exchange of questions and answers and the provision of other technical assistance by DPI will help counties and schools maximize the benefits and cost discounts of E-rate. Other than this website, updates and information about E-rate can be found in several places.

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