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TEACH Wisconsin and BadgerNet

Technology for Educational Achievement (TEACH)

wis The authoritative source of information on TEACH Wisconsin programs is the TEACH website.

Here is an overview of TEACH and BadgerNet services related to E-rate.


Internet or Transport Service (data circuit):

TEACH Wisconsin provides subsidized broadband circuits on  BadgerNet, the state network, to school and libraries throughout the State as follows:

100 Mbps or less: $100/month
1 Gbps: $250/month

These prices are significantly discounted. The amount that TEACH pays BadgerNet for the service is higher than the amount it charges you. TEACH customers on BadgerNet do not have to solicit CAT 1 bids for Internet or Transport Service (data circuit). TEACH has already filed a Form 470 for these services, #89198000134616.

Internet Access:

There are three sources of internet access on BadgerNet:

  • AT&T’s MIS Service
  • WiscNet on BadgerNet
  • Local Telephone Companies, where available.

Internet access is not subsidized by TEACH, so school districts are eligible to receive E-rate discounts for it, and must apply for it themselves, even though it is delivered over BadgerNet.


For questions about this information, contact Bill Herman , Rachel Schemelin (608) 266-5190