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Wisconsin E-rate Bulletin

WiscNet on BadgerNet customers:
How to file a Form 471 for internet access and for a replacement router


March 9, 2020

For all WiscNet on BadgerNet customers who receive 1 Gbps of service and wish to upgrade their WiscNet router this year (recommended):

You may now file your form 471 for Internet Access AND your replacement router.  The Form 471 filing deadline is March 25.  We have updated our filing instructions; you can find them here.

If you have received a PIA review OR should you receive PIA review for the router replacement in the future, please provide the documents listed below as validation of E-rate eligibility.

Letter from DOA

Exhibit 6, pricing guide

Please contact Ed Snow ( or Bill Herman ( if you have any questions.


On December 3rd 2019 the Federal Communications Commission released a report and order addressing category two budgets for 2020.

History Category two budgets under the modernization of E-rate were in a 5 year pilot period from 2015-2019. The FCC released WCdocket No 13-184 addressing the future of category two budgets. The report and order can be separated into two main focus areas 1.) A one year extension of the pilot period of 2015-2019 for 2020. 2.) A new permanent structure of category two budgets starting in 2021.

Highlights of the extension year for 2020

All budgets will remain building based for 2020

Each building will receive one time additional budget consisting of 20% of its original pilot budget

Districts may also utilize remaining funds from the pilot period

All funds from the pilot period budget and the one time 2020 budget may not be used past 2020

How do I calculate my 2020 budget? Budgets for 2020 are an extension of the district's original budget from the pilot period of 2015-2019. The formula for calculation is as follows.

Total number of students times $195.63

Minus all funds spent during the pilot period of 2015-2019

Funds for learning a 3rd party E-rate advisory group is providing this free online calculator tool. We encourage districts who utilize this tool to cross check their totals manually.

When will I see my exact totals in EPC? Per the December 3rd FCC order WCdocket No 13-184, The United Services Administration Company (USAC) has 15 days to update totals in EPC from the date the order is officially published in the federal registry.

Highlights around the new permanent structure of category two budgets

New budget structure starts in 2021 and will last 5 years ending in 2025. With the next budget cycle beginning in 2026. Funds can not carry forward from cycle to cycle.

Budgets will be district based and no longer be building based

The new calculations number will be; schools, $167.00, libraries, $4.50 per sq foot

Minimum budget or floor will be $25,000