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2020 Fall Leadership Experience


Wisconsin is proud to support the following FBLA activities:

  • Inquire to Aspire - get to know your state officer team through a series of three videos released in September
  • Aspire to Ascend - Wisconsin FBLA local officers can participate in a 60 day program local officer training to build their leadership abilities and learn more about all the FBLA has to offer
  • Aspire to Achieve - workshop activities designed by your state officer team for local members to complete as part of a co-curricular classroom and student organization experience
  • Aspire to Succeed - Chapter resource packets customized by the state officer team in collaboration with the national office for distribution to local chapters

Inquire to Aspire

  • A three-part weekly video series will begin during the week of September 7 providing members the opportunity to learn more about our state officer team through a few fun questions. Videos will be archived on the Wisconsin FBLA YouTube Channel.

Brook Allemann, President

Sara Booher, Parliamentarian

Mike Brierton, Region 2 VP

Ethan Armstrong, Region 3 VP

Brenen Skalitzky, VP

Kari Kelly, Reporter

Stephanie Gavin, Region 6 VP

Esmeralda Luna, Region 7 VP

Faith Kierzek, Secretary/Treasurer

Henry Pike, Region 1 VP

Audrey Newkirk, Region 4 VP

Jacob Crave, Region 5 VP

    Two months of no cost on-demand local officer leadership training beginning in during the week of September 28.  Developed in collaboration with Tri Leadership, local officers "Aspire to Ascend" as a local FBLA leader through engaging activities using national recognized GiANT Worldwide's platform with customized 100X Leadership training materials and interaction through a collaborative Wisconsin FBLA Slack Leadership Community.  Provide with direct support by Sydney Wilcox, Wisconsin FBLA's new Executive Board Leadership Director, and the state officer team. All state officers will support this Wisconsin local officer community & state officers will be continuing participating in a national community for state officers.  Chapter participation required to be eligible for the WI FBLA Foundation financial incentive program associated with the Outstanding Chapter Recognition Award, at least one local chapter officer must be registered.  To participate, complete the Wisconsin FBLA Local Chapter Survey.  Interested in more information before you submit the survey to submit officer information.  Contact Sara Booher, State Parliamentarian, for program details.  Slack Community Login & Login(login credentials provided directly by email upon adviser request, new users accounts are not generated immediately)


    FBLA Workshop Activities - Aspire to Achieve

    Our student leaders cherish the moments to connect annually with members each year at our Fall Leadership Lab and Fall Leadership Conference.  We look forward the opportunity next year to return in-person at our 2021 events; however, our state officers have spent an extensive amount of time to develop these on-demand online program experiences to current members and prospective members in our middle level and high school classes throughout the state.  The following activities feature Leadership Opportunities in FBLA, Connecting FBLA to Your Future, Public Speaking, Professionalism & Networking, National Programs, and Competitive Event Tips.  Questions or feedback about these materials may be sent by email to Brooke Allemann, State President

    Opening Message (Video 3:55)


    Leadership Opportunities in FBLA
    presented by State Vice President Brenen Skalitzky & Region 2 Vice President Mike Brierton

    Student Handout & Teacher Lesson Plan & Video (8:09)


    Connecting FBLA to Your Future
    presented by State President Brooke Allemann & Region 1 Vice President Henry Pike

    Student Handout & Teacher Lesson Plan & Video (11:02)


    Public Speaking
    presented by State Secretary/Treasurer Faith Kierzek & Region 3 Vice President Ethan Armstrong

    Student Handout & Teacher Lesson Plan & Video (11:20 )


    Professionalism and Networking
    presented by State Reporter Kari Kelly & Region 4 Vice President Audrey Newkirk

    Student Handout & Teacher Lesson Plan & Video (8:46)


    National Programs: Leadership, Community Service, Chapter Recognition and More!
    presented by State Parliamentarian Sara Booher & Region 5 Vice President Jacob Crave

    Student Handout & Teacher Lesson Plan & Video (11:51)


    Competitive Event Tips
    presented by Region 6 Vice President Stephanie Gavin & Region 7 Vice President Esmeralda Luna

    Student Handout & Teacher Guide (coming soon) & Video


    Wisconsin FBLA Chapter Resources - Aspire to Succeed

    Chapter resource packets customized by the state officer team in collaboration with the national office for distribution to local chapters.  Send any feedback about this resource to State Reporter, Kari Kelly at

    Cover of WI FBLA Resource Guide
    (click the image above to access the Wisconsin FBLA Local Chapter Resource Guides designed by the 2020-2021 Wisconsin FBLA State Officer Team)