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Wisconsin FBLA Competitive Events

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Welcome to the 2018-19 Competitive Events Page!

Congratulations on your choice to participate in an FBLA Competitive Event! By competing in events you not only broaden your knowledge of the business world, but you will get to meet other FBLA members that are interested in similar aspects of FBLA as you are.
The Wisconsin FBLA and FBLA-PBL Awards Program recognizes and rewards excellence in a broad range of business and career-related areas for FBLA members. It prepares students for successful careers in business through support for curriculum development and innovative assessment tools.
Through competition at a Regional Leadership Conference, the State Leadership Conference, and/or the National Leadership Conference students have the opportunity to compete in events to showcase their knowledge, skills and habits in a wide rage of business environments. Many of these competitions require considerable research and practice; others are staged at the conferences. Each event is governed by specific guidelines found in the Wisconsin FBLA Competitive Event Guidelines.  When prepare to participate in a competitive event, the primary source of information should be the national guidelines and the secondary source of information specific to regional and state level implementation is our Wisconsin guidelines posted below.


Competitive Event Updates 

  • 1/28/2019: The state office has received notification of updates to Introduction to Business Presentation and Social Media Campaign.  Chapters are advised to review the new national guidelines for these events.  
  • 1/30/2018: Regional Level Clarification.  Parliamentary Procedure teams still require 4 to 5 participants for state and national level competition.  Regional competition guidelines are being clarified because there is only an objective test component.  A zero score will be applied to participants if less than four individuals are in attendance.  The zero scores will be included in the team average.  If a team has four participants and only the registered 5th participant is not in attendance, then the 5th participant will be deleted from the event roster.  Removal of the 5th participant from the event roster will support the average to be scored according to the four participants still remaining on the event roster.  Removal of the 5th participant from the event roster after the substitution/cancellation date will not alter the registration invoice amount due to the Regional Host.  
  • 3/23/2019:  The Future Business Leader state guidelines were updated specific to SLC to clarify a discrepancy between page 15 and page 33.  Preliminary Round scoring will be based 67% on the written objective test and 33% on prejudged written materials with the top 8 participants advancing on the final round of interviews.

Competitive Event Resources:

National FBLA-PBL Event Resources:

Budget Information (rate estimates for 2018-19):

  • State $5 and National $6 Membership; Total $11 paid to the national office
  • Fall Leadership Lab Registration $25
  • Wisconsin Fall Leadership Conference $55; hotel rates approximately $82-129 per night *Note: this event will not be scheduled in 2018 due to the proximity of the NFLC in Chicago.
  • National Fall Leadership Conference-view the national conference site for rates
  • Regional Leadership Conference $20
  • State Leadership Conference $65; hotel rates approximately $100 to $130 per night
  • National Leadership Conference-view the national conference site for rates