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2020 Virtual National Leadership Experience (WI FBLA Support Page)

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Monday, June 29 – Wednesday, July 1

Due to COVID-19, the National Leadership Conference has been reformatted to a National Leadership Experience that will include opportunities such as competitive events, leadership sessions and officer elections.  Visit for additional event details posted by the national office.  This webpage has been developed to support student members, parents, advisers and other partners regarding procedures specific to Wisconsin FBLA operations.


Dates may vary from national deadlines due to Wisconsin FBLA's need to process event materials and roster event participants


Date Description
May 1
Advisers Approval Form and Administrators Approval Form due by 4 PM to opt in for participation in the VNLC (both forms must support participation). We encourage your forms to opt out ASAP so that the next qualifiers could be notified. Both forms must be submitted; otherwise, it will be considered a non-response and chapter participants will be removed from consideration.  Student and parents forms are no longer required to be completed.
May 8
Because the conference is virtual, advisers must verify members have internet access for this experience.

Advisers must indicate member participation status by 4 PM on the Event Ranking Google Sheet shared previously by email.

Additional participants in "objective test only events" must be added by 4 PM to the Event Ranking Google Sheet.

Event substitutionssubmitted by 4 PM for approval to Wisconsin FBLA - must retain at least one original participant in team events.  No substitutions permitted for individual events.  After this date, use this above form link to notify the state office of any event cancellations.
Monday, May 11 Anticipated date national office will provide event materials to Wisconsin FBLA for distribution through advisers to event participants (see National & Wisconsin event deadlines below).
Wednesday, May 13 After this date, advisers may review the FBLA Virtual National Leadership Experience Competitor Roster listed on the VNLC Qualifiers 2020 Google Sheet shared previously by email with advisers to verify your members are rostered.  The national registration system does not currently display competitive event information when you register--official national event roster information will be forwarded by email at a later date.

Advisers will still be responsible for registering members and themselves for the VNLC.
Tuesday, May 26

Advisers and competitive members must be registered by school for the FBLA VNLC experience and competitive events. 

4 PM deadline for event participants must submit to Wisconsin FBLA:

Monday, June 1

Designated Deadline Date

View all national event deadlines that do not require submissions directly to Wisconsin FBLA online at (see dates displayed at the bottom of webpages)