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FBLA National Leadership Conference

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2018 National Leadership Conference in Baltimore!

The National Leadership Conference (NLC) concludes the membership year and sets the stage for the upcoming school year. The FBLA NLC is held each summer. Participants get involved in business-related and leadership development workshops, tour business and corporate facilities, elect national officers, and participate in the National Awards Program competitive events.

Looking for local help with travel and rooming arrangements--consider connecting with another Wisconsin FBLA Chapter--check here!

NLC 2018 - Baltimore, Maryland

See the National FBLA Official Calendar for complete list of all deadlines and visit the National Leadership Leadership Conference website for all deadlines and submission forms.

Deadline Form or Action Item Document Download or Web Link

2018 ASAP

Airline Reservations

NLC Travel Discounts Information: Conference discounts on airline, rental cars, shuttle services available

2018 ASAP

Hotel Reservations

Space may be limited and the official hotel reservation receipt deadline is May 20. Reservations may not be available after May 20.

NLC State Hotel Assignments

ASAP NLC Chapter Event Roster Update - American Enterprise Project, Community Service Project & Partnership With Business NLC Chapter Event Roster Update Form

April 17, 2018

NLC Skill Event Form (Google form)

NLC Skill Event Form

Events that are considered Skill Events are:

  • Computer Applications
  • Database Design and Application
  • Spreadsheet Applications
  • Word Processing

May 1 - May 11, 2018

WI FBLA National Skills Event Testing Window


May 4, 2018 Additional SLC Award Order (only for defective and additional award orders)

NOTE: only 1 acrylic award was presented at SLC; however, the state office has automatically ordered additional awards for all team event participants--DO NOT complete this form to request awards for additional team participants.
  Wisconsin FBLA Award Order Form
May 4, 2018 T-Shirt and Spirit Package 2018 Spirit Package Order Form
May 4, 2018 (Recommend chapters submit all pre-judged materials by prior to the official May 11, 2018 deadline)

May 11, 2018: All HS & ML prejudged materials must be received at the national center by 11:59 p.m. eastern

Important Notice: this is the national deadline and chapters are responsible to confirm that all materials have been submitted--our state office takes no role in the submission or verification of prejudged materials

May 4, 2018

End of Year CTSO report to State Office (Gold Seal Chapter requirement)

Local Chapter Verification of Official Competitive Event Roster  

*Only name changes and drops can be processed after May 11 directly through the national office until June 1.

End of Year CTSO Report
May 11, 2018

Substitution/Cancellation & Chapter Event Roster Updates

NLC Roster Update Online Form (WI FBLA)
May 20, 2018

FBLA NLC and IFL: Early bird registration deadline

June 8, 2018 FBLA Local Voting Delegates: Registration deadline


  See the National FBLA Official Calendar for complete list of all deadlines!  



For questions about this information, contact David Thomas (608) 266-2348