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Wisconsin FBLA State Leadership Conference

The 2022 Wisconsin FBLA State Leadership is scheduled to be held on Monday, March 28 and Tuesday, March 29, 2022.  Event updates are coming soon for our upcoming event. 

Please note:  the state leadership conference directors have made the decision to discontinue shuttle service from hotels to the conference center.  Schools will be responsible to provide their own transportation.

What's New 

  • The State Leadership Conference Guidebook App has been released online in our Planning Resources section.  Download it today to your mobile device or check it out the web version online.
    • Officer workshop sessions scheduled for 3:30 and 4:00 PM on Monday, April 12, may be viewed on the conference guidebook system. 
  • Wisconsin FBLA is excited to announce that we will hold a one-day virtual 67th State Leadership Conference on Monday, April 12, 2021. Because of continued concerns about public health, we are committed to providing an opportunity for ALL Wisconsin FBLA members to participate in leadership activities and competitive events in a safe environment. Our leadership teams have been working through planning details in preparation for this event to engage membership in a virtual format. Additional details will be released as we move closer to the event. Please know that we remain committed to offering all competitive event experiences to membership as they advance from regionals to state and potentially beyond to national opportunities to showcase their leadership skills and academic knowledge.

Featured Information

State Leadership Pre-Conference Deadlines

A special webpage has been dedicated to the series of important pre-conference deadlines.  Additional updates are coming soon for middle level deadlines and event guidelines.

Who Can Attend

Links to the individual/chapter leadership activities and will be forwarded to advisers for distribution through a password protected system through Guidebook.  Guidebook will support access through both mobile devices and desktop devices.  The Wisconsin FBLA Opening Session and Closing Session will be publicly broadcast online through our Wisconsin FBLA homepage in collaboration with our contracted production company.  All Wisconsin FBLA members are welcome at no cost to participate in the April 12 Leadership Series either as a solo online participant or as part of a collective chapter group based upon local guidelines.

Planning Resources 

Listed below you will find all the important documents you can download and distribute to plan for SLC.

Conference Registration

Registration is scheduled to open on February 16 and close at 4 PM on February 24.  The registration cost to attend the State Leadership Conference is detailed below:

  • Advisers:  Complimentary no fee registration; however, registration is required so that your chapter continues to receive information on how to participate in the following conference activities:
    • Opening Session

    • Closing Awards of Excellence Session

    • All your chapter FBLA members are encouraged to participate in engaging, live online, leadership activities coordinated by national leadership expert Patty Hendrickson and your state officer team with special guest speakers from across the state

    • Chapter delegates vote for who will be elected to lead next year’s state officer team

  • Competitive Event Participants - Acrylic Awards & Wood Plaques will be delivered by our vendor directly to schools at no additional cost. We are currently planning to send Award Certificates from our printer directly to schools at no additional cost. Acrylics and certificates will be processed so that each team member will receive an award. Delivery dates will be dependent upon vendor production schedules and shipping method.
    • High School:  $40
    • Middle Level:  $20 
  • State T-Shirt Orders $18 - orders must be submitted with your registration.  Check out the design below: 

State Full T-Shirt DesignState 2021 Design

To pay for your chapter's conference registration, please print a copy of your SLC invoices and enclose a check made payable to "Wisconsin FBLA" addressed to:

Wisconsin FBLA
125 South Webster Street
Madison, WI 53703
Any schools who would like to sign up for Automate Transfer of Funds Transactions (versus issuing a check) must contact the WI FBLA CTSO Financial Specialist at 608-266-1966 to request a pre-authorization in order to accommodate payment being received by March 3, 2021. Failure to submit payment prior to the event may result a DPI invoice being sent to the attention of school administration for any outstanding balance due.

Adviser Forms

Forms are being updated for Local Adviser Procedures & Responsibilities. We anticipate that student members will agree to expectations as part of competitive event online systems. No additional permission forms will be required this year for student members to participate in leadership activities as members will be referenced under the faculty adviser supervision expectations.

Competitive Events

No open events will be scheduled for 2021.  All competitive event participants must be registered.

Who's Who Submissions

  • Who's Who Local Recognition - advisers may submit the name of your nominee as part of your conference registration.
  • Who's Who National Recognition - recognized at the State Leadership Conference & National Leadership Conference

    View Wisconsin Competitive Event Guidelines online at 

    Leadership Series (Leadership Program) & Opening/Closing Sessions

    On April 12, Wisconsin FBLA in collaboration with national leadership expert Patty Hendrickson are finalizing our schedule to engage members who are either individually connecting online or are participating as a socially distanced group as a chapter.  Additional information may be requested after conference registration concludes as chapter faculty advisers will likely need to verify participation as pre-event materials will be forwarded for this leadership program.  The leadership program is scheduled to begin after the conclusion of our Opening Session on April 12 (currently scheduled from 8:15 to 9:30 AM).  Leadership programming is scheduled to run throughout the day from 9:45 AM to 4:30 PM. Our conference will conclude with a Closing Awards Session on April 12 (currently scheduled to begin at 4:30 PM).  Check out this special video message below about our upcoming Leadership Series program and download the Adviser Chapter Checklist.

    At this time, the Opening Session agenda will include the following:

    • National Anthem

    • President’s Welcome & Overview of Activities for April 12

    • Brief Presentation of Candidates (name, title, photo only, direct members to candidate materials online) & Reminder of Ballot Deadline

    • Business Leader of the Year

    • New/Reactivated Chapters

    • Who’s Who in Wisconsin FBLA (National Representative Only)

    • Lorraine Missling Scholarship

    • Outstanding Chapter Adviser

    • State Individual Recognition Awards

      • Business Achievement Awards

      • Community Service Awards

    • State Chapter Recognition Awards

      • Largest MarketShare

      • Largest Chapter Membership

      • Chapter Community Service

      • Goal Seal Chapter

      • Chapter Challenge

      • FBLA Outstanding Chapter Recognition Program (Foundation Incentive)

    • National Qualifiers Chapter Competitive Events Results

      • American Enterprise Project

      • Community Service Project

      • Partnership with Business

      • Local Chapter Annual Business Report

    At this time, the Closing Session agenda will include the following:

    • Pre-Conference: Parade of Who’s Who Local Members (name recognition based upon submissions by advisers in the conference registration system)
    • Brief National FBLA Message
    • 30 Second Farewells from 2020-2021 State Officers
    • Installation of Officers of 2021-2022 State Officer Team (Election Results for President, Vice President, State Secretary/Treasurer, State Reporter, State Parliamentarian, & Regional VPs who were previously elected at Regionals)
    • Middle Level & High School Competitive Event Winners
    • Exchange of Gavel & Closing

    WI FBLA-PBL Foundation Conference Registration Credit

    Our conference scholarship funds have been suspended for the 2020-2021 school year. The Wisconsin FBLA-PBL Foundation annually helps to help offset registration costs for economically disadvantaged members. Due to changes in our conference fee structure, we have already significantly reduced and eliminated costs to increase participation for all Wisconsin FBLA members. The FBLA-PBL Foundation has additional program support available to chapters as detailed in their 2020-2021 approved support budget. On behalf of our chapter membership, the Wisconsin FBLA Executive Board thanks the Foundation Directors for their continued service to support, sustain and grow FBLA in our state.

    Future Conference Dates and Locations:

    2022—Madison, March 27-29

    2019 & 2020 State Leadership Conference Videos

    Conference Rewind Link
    2019 State Leadership Conference Rewind Videos
    Password: wifbla

    Photographs of competitive event award winners can be found in this Google Drive.