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2021 Pre-Conference Deadlines

On April 12, the 2021 State Leadership Conference (SLC) will be held for the middle school and high school membership (including an opening session, a day packed with live online interactive leadership activities with your chapter or individually based put member availability, and a closing session). Other significant dates of interest are listed below. Please be aware that dates may be updated prior to registration opening on Tuesday, February 16, 2021.

All dates and deadlines below are for 2021
February 12 (4 PM Deadline) Notification of state qualifier non-participation for individual entries and team entries. Substitution requests for team entries.
February 16-24

High School & Middle Level registration for State - Note: payments received after March 3 may result in a past due notice by email to the registered faculty adviser. Payments not received by April 12 will result in an invoice notice to school administration.

The February 26 cancellation deadline was removed.  All cancellations must be processed directly in the registration system by faculty advisers prior to submission.  No invoice changes resulting in a refund will be supported after February 24.

March 1 Online objective test email to advisers notifying login cards available. Note: all collaborative events will require participants to complete objective tests individually with the average score determining placement.
March 1 - March 10 (4 PM Deadline)

Online objective test window - must start exam by 4 PM on March 10.  (See the WI FBLA Competitive Event webpage for a complete list of events in the middle level and high school guidelines)

Skill Production Events *Also requires online objective test

  • Computer Applications
  • Database Design
  • Spreadsheet Applications
  • Word Processing
March 3 (4 PM Deadline)  
  • Prejudged materials submitted for the following events:
    • Statement of Assurance Project Submission *Also Requires Video Submission
      • ML:  Multimedia & Website Design
      • 3D Animation
      • Digital Video Production
    • PDF Chapter Report Submissions *Also Requires Video Submission
      • American Enterprise Project
      • Community Service Project
      • Local Chapter Annual Business Report
      • Partnership with Business Project
    • PDF Report Events *Also Requires Video Submission
      • Business Financial Plan
      • Business Plan
    • PDF Materials Submissions *Also Requires Live Online Interviews
      • Future Business Leader
      • Job Interview
  • Video Presentation/Demonstration Event Video Submissions with Other Submission Requirements
    • 3D Animation *Also Requires Statement of Assurance
    • Digital Video Production *Also Requires Statement of Assurance
    • American Enterprise Project *Also Requires PDF Report Submission
    • Community Service Project *Also Requires PDF Report Submission
    • Local Chapter Annual Business Report *Also Requires PDF Report Submission
    • Partnership with Business Project *Also Requires PDF Report Submission
    • Business Financial Plan *Also Required PDF Report Submission
    • Business Plan *Also Required PDF Report Submission
  • Presentation/Demonstration Video Only Submission Events
    • Middle Level Division Events
      • ML - Elevator Speech
      • ML - Compute Slide Show
      • ML - Desktop Publishing
      • ML - Digital Story Telling
      • ML - Economics Challenge
      • ML - FBLA Creed Speaking
      • ML - Issues in Society
      • ML - Spreadsheet Presentation
    • Presentation Events
      • Broadcast Journalism
      • Business Ethics
      • Electronic Career Portfolio
      • Graphic Design
      • Introduction to Business Presentation
      • Introduction to Social Media Strategy
      • Public Service Announcement
      • Publication Design
      • Sales Presentation
      • Social Media Strategies
    • Speaking Events
      • Introduction to Public Speaking
      • Public Speaking
    • Demonstration Events
      • Coding & Programming
      • Computer Game & Simulation Programming
      • E-Business
      • Mobile App Development
      • Website Design
March 12

Notification of top 8 status to adviser for the following events with video submissions due by 4 PM on March 24.  View the posting of the finalists.  Contact your adviser for information on how to access the scenario and submission instructions for video submission. 

  • Collaborative Team Performance (Role Play)
    • Banking & Financial Systems
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Hospitality & Event Management
    • International Business
    • Introduction to Event Planning
    • Management Decision Making
    • Management Information Systems
    • Marketing
    • Network Design
    • Parliamentary Procedure
    • Sports & Entertainment Management
March 24 (4 PM Deadline)

Video submission of cases for top 8 event qualifiers notified on March 12.

April 8

Release Candidate Profile Materials, Social Media Candidate Campaign Begins, and Voting Ballot Distributed to Advisers (Due by 1 PM on Monday, April 12)

  • Candidate materials will be posted on Thursday, April 8 to the State Leadership Conference website. Election ballots will be distributed on April 8 to advisers with a chapter ballot code. Chapters may submit two ballots through voting delegates assigned by the local faculty adviser. Voting delegates will not be registered in advance; however, only chapters registered for the State Leadership Conference will receive election ballots.

Tentative date for the start of the GooseChase Digital Scavenger Hunt.

April 12 (4 PM Deadline)

67th Annual State Leadership Conference (Opening Session, Workshops, Interactive Live Competitive Events, Closing Session)

  • Interactive video role-play/interview/presentations online live with judges for the following events:
    • ML - Critical Thinking
    • Client Service
    • Future Business Leader
    • Impromptu Speaking
    • Help Desk
    • Job Interview