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Wisconsin FBLA Awards & Scholarships


Regional Level

State Level

  • Scholarship - Lorraine Missling -- due January 19, 2018

  • Wisconsin FBLA-PBL Foundation Conference Registration Scholarship Credit Form funds limited based upon first requests

  • Outstanding Local Adviser Award  -- due January 19, 2018

  • Businessperson of the Year Award   

  • Wisconsin Future Business Educator

  • State Community Service Award -- due March 7, 2018 

  • Largest Local Chapter Market Share Award -- calculated based upon total chapter membership and Public School Enrollment Data (3rd Friday in September) 

  • Gold Seal Chapter Award -- Hollis & Kitty Guy Award 

    • Chapters receiving this award will be announced at SLC and will be recognized at NLC according to the National Membership Recognition & Award  website.

    • Regulations (State)

      • For a local chapter to be considered a qualifier for the Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit nomination, the following criteria must be met:  (#1-5 mandatory) ​​.

        • Paid state and national membership dues by October 20.

        • Submitted Year-End Report to State Office by the first Friday in May.

        • Attended the RLC the year the nomination is made.

        • Submitted a local chapter program of work to the State Office by the first Wednesday in December.

        • Submitted local chapter annual business report for state competition.

      • In addition to criteria explained in #1 through #5 (mandatory) and in #6 through #8 (eliminators), the following criteria should be followed by the local chapters, as suggested within the national event guidelines:

        • Conducted projects or programs identified with the goals of FBLA-PBL.

        • Sent representatives to FBLA Fall Leadership Labs.

        • Participated in state and national project(s) for the current year and documented activities.

        • Encouraged other schools to organize FBLA or PBL chapters and documented activities.

        • Planned visits to business and industry.

        • Held fund-raising projects using official fund-raising suppliers successful on the state level.

        • Conducted financial development projects, if allowed by school administration and documented activities.

        • Invited businesspersons and other professionals to become involved in chapter activities and document activities.

        • Conducted a public relations program in the school and community and documented the activities with newspaper clippings and reports of radio/TV coverage.

        • Participated in the Business Achievement Awards.

        • Promoted FBLA-PBL.

        • Recruited professional members.

        • Promoted The Wisconsin FBLA-PBL Foundation, Inc.

      • If more than 15 percent of Wisconsin’s active chapters meet criteria #1 through #6, the following criteria will be used for elimination:

        • Attended National Fall Leadership Conference.

        • Attended NLC in year preceding the nomination.

        • Attended fall and/or spring state executive board meetings (these meetings may be held separately or jointly with other state and/or national conferences).

National Level

For questions about this information, contact David Thomas (608) 266-2348