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Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Education prepares students for family work, work life, and careers in Family and Consumer Sciences by empowering individuals and families across the life span to manage the challenge of living and working in a diverse global society.

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What's New in Family and Consumer Sciences Education

A revised version of The Assistant Child Care Teacher Certification: A Program Planning Guide is nearly ready to be published. An available preview of the pending revised draft publication includes an introduction to resource units and course outline.

The National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences Education adds alignment with FCCLA programs, Career Clusters, and 21st Century Skills.

The National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences Education were officially adopted in December 1994. The nature of the standards provided for FACS educators are based on knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed for family life and global society and success in related career pathways. The overview and direction of the national standards are available at:


Program Information Resources Associations



Work Based Education

Career Cluster Correlations

Process Framework and Questions

Quality FCS Standards

21st Century Correlations

FCCLA Correlations

Certification - Memorandum, ACCT, CCT, IT

ECE Statewide Advanced Standing for DPI ACCT and CCT Courses

Teacher Licensing

Grant Opportunities

Personal Financial Literacy Planning Curriculum

Wisconsin's Model Academic Standards for Personal Financial Literacy

Food Science Equivalency

Approved Child Care Services Program

FACS Professional Links

WI Association of FCCLA



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