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Wisconsin's Model Academic Standards for Personal Financial Literacy

The knowledge and skills set forth in the personal financial literacy standards cross all grade levels and disciplines. A comprehensive, developmentally appropriate pre-kindergarten through grade 12 program can promote personal financial literacy throughout numerous curricular areas.

Updated in June 2020 by an outstanding writing team, the revised standards include a "financial mindset" area as one of the subject’s six strands — joining education and employment, money management, saving and investing, credit and debt, and risk management and insurance. The addition of the financial mindset strand sets Wisconsin apart from other states and national personal financial literacy standards. It addresses mental habits needed to address financial decisions successfully.

The standards are intended to help schools and educators at all grade levels to develop programs that provide the knowledge and skills to establish sound financial habits.


Academic Standards for Personal Financial Literacy.

Planning Curriculum in Personal Financial Literacy

cover page for planning curriculum in personal financial literacy

Developed to be used with the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Personal Financial Literacy, the Planning Curriculum in Personal Financial Literacy can help guide districts and educators in the planning of a program and lessons to promote financial literacy PK-12.


Introduction: Defining Financial Literacy
Chapter 1: Building an Effective Financial Literacy Program
Chapter 2: Planning Instruction in Financial Literacy--Units, Resources, and Activities
Chapter 3: Creating Assessments in Financial Literacy
Chapter 4: Designing Professional Development to Promote Understanding
Appendix A: Wisconsin's Model Academic Standards for Personal Financial Literacy
Appendix B: Sample Activities That Connect to Wisconsin's Model Academic Standards
Appendix C: A Checklist of Ideas and Suggestions for Parents, Students, Teachers, and Community
Appendix D: Ideas for Moving Forward with Financial Literacy Education
Appendix E: Sample Activities for Each of the Content Standards
Appendix F: Sample Common Rubric/Portfolio Rubric
Appendix G: Individual Student Growth
Appendix H: Resources
Appendix H Updated: Resources

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