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Focus School - Resources


General Information



A comprehensive list of all schools identified as “Focus” as per the ESEA Waiver.

List of Focus Schools

Information to share with parents about the identification of Focus Schools. Page three includes a sample letter informing parents of the school’s identification.

Information for Parents and Families

Information for school boards about being a Focus School.

Information for School Boards

Links to all past and present Focus School Newsletters. Focus School Newsletters

Title I



Follow this link to get more information on Schoolwide Programs through Title I.

Title I Schoolwide Program

Through the ESEA Waiver, all identified Focus Schools have the option of going Schoolwide with their Title funds regardless of levels of poverty. This is the application necessary for schools that choose to go Schoolwide.

Title I Schoolwide Application

This list contains all the Schoolwide Elements within Indistar. If you are choosing to maintain your Title I Schoolwide Plan on Indistar, you can do so by assessing, planning, and monitoring the Schoolwide Elements.

Indistar Schoolwide Elements Indicator List




Link to Indistar Walkthrough Indistar Walkthrough

Link to Indistar’s web page

Indistar Web Site

Getting started in Indistar

Getting Started - For the School

All indicators sorted by state supported reforms with links to related professional development offerings

Indistar Aligned to RtI and PBIS

An overview of Indistar

Indistar Making it Work for You

Resources for using Indistar with your leadership team

Indicators in Action

Resources for using Indistar with your leadership team

Indicators Now

Resources for using Indistar with your leadership team

Resources for Getting Started



Professional Development


Wisconsin RtI Center Disproportionality Technical Assistance Network  WISEdash: How to Access DEWS 

Wisconsin PBIS Network

Great Lakes Equity Center 


National RtI Center

Equity Alliance 

Wisconsin DPI Special Education Team


DPI Bilingual/ESL Program


For questions about this information, contact Jessica Awe (608) 264-9324, Sharon Suchla (608) 266-3983 or Karen Rice (608) 267-1284.