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Statutes, Rules, and Confidentiality

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The confidentiality of information regarding children and their families is critical to maintaining our professional relationship with families and assuring the privacy of families served by both child welfare agencies and schools. All employees of these agencies should guarantee that this personal information is protected.

At the same time, it is critical that professional staff of both agencies share appropriate information in order to assure that our efforts are complementary and as effective as possible. Over the last several years, federal and state laws have been changed to recognize the need for professionals to share information on an as-needed basis. It is important that staff of child welfare agencies and local education agencies be aware of what information they may and may not share between the agencies. The following links to state policies and federal and state laws should assist in that awareness.

Federal Law

State Laws

Chapter 48, Children’s Code
Chapter 115, State Superintendent: General Classifications and Definitions; Children with Disabilities
Chapter 118, General School Operations

State Publications

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