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Wisconsin HOSA Recognition, Awards and Scholarships

There are many ways to recognize involvement of HOSA chapter members. Advisors, alumni, and community members may also be recognized. Scroll through this page for a listing of some of these opportunities.

Recognition Events follow guidelines and are presented to all individuals or groups who meet the criteria. For instance, if 20 chapters successfully submit HOSA Happenings event entries, 20 chapters will be recognized.

Individuals with the highest points will be selected to represent Wisconsin at the HOSA International Leadership Conference.

Let’s strive to recognize all the outstanding work done by HOSA members across Wisconsin. Please read the event guidelines at the beginning of the year in order to plan your activities.

In order to allow preparation time for appropriate recognition at the State Leadership Conference, all award and scholarship applications are due at the State Office by March 13.

CONGRATULATIONS to Awards and Scholarships recipients!  The Wisconsin HOSA 2019 SLC Recognition Session presentation is available here.  Additionally, you may also see the top five competitive event finalists as announced during the Wisconsin HOSA 2019 SLC Awards Session.

For questions about this information, contact Erik Sitts (608) 267-2280