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Virtual Schools

Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative Formed to Provide High Quality Online Classes

The statewide web academy, known as the Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative (WDLC) has been established pursuant to the authority granted in Wis. Stat. §115.28(53), to provide equitable access to high quality online education by offering online learning to school districts, cooperative educational service agencies, charter schools and private schools located in this state. The WDLC consists of two collaborating organizations: 1) the Wisconsin Virtual School; and 2) the Wisconsin eSchool Network.

The two organizations will collaborate with DPI to provide a single point for schools to access quality online courses, integrating them into the new student information system. Combined, these two programs provide partnership pathways for schools to provide a variety of online and blended learning opportunities. Districts and schools interested in offering courses through the WDLC should contact:

Dawn Nordine
Wisconsin Virtual School
(715)453-2141 ext 231

John Jacobs
Wisconsin eSchool Network
(715) 431-1066

Online Programs and Virtual Schools

If you are interested in virtual programs or schools, contact your local school district first as many have virtual and online programs available. The difference between the "Online Programs" and "Virtual Schools" sections below is that the online programs usually offer courses to school districts, while the virtual schools usually offer courses directly to students.


Online Programs:

Virtual Charter Schools:

For questions about this information, contact Janice Mertes (608) 267-1054