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Digital Learning Funding and Grant Programs

Wisconsin schools are fortunate to have the support of government, philanthropy and private funding programs to support high-quality student learning experiences. The vision of the Wisconsin Digital Learning Plan (c2016) calls for equitable, personalized, applied, and engaged digital learning for all students. As Wisconsin school districts begin to implement this vision, they are encouraged to consider the following areas: instruction, learning, and assessment; empowering, innovative leadership; technology & hardware; professional learning and building capacity; and data and privacy. School districts in Wisconsin do not make this journey in isolation as access to additional funding resources and networks of experts are essential to support school districts. 

State of Wisconsin Division of Enterprise Technology:  Technology for Education Achievement (TEACH)

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Technology for Educational Achievement (TEACH) is a program administered by the Wisconsin Department of Administration, Division of Enterprise Technology. TEACH subsidizes much of the cost to provide telecommunications access (e.g. data lines and video links) to eligible schools, libraries, and educational institutions.

The Wisconsin DET TEACH Grants page provides information, applications and technical assistance support resources from the Division of Enterprise Technology.



TEACH Curricular Grants

The $25,000 TEACH Curriculum Grant is awarded annually each fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) by the Wisconsin Department of Administration's TEACH Program to a consortium of school districts to develop and implement a technology-enhanced high school curriculum (Ch. 16.997(7), Wis. Stats). The consortium must include high schools from at least 8 school districts. Winners of the TEACH Curriculum Grant must provide 100% matching funds in the form of cash. No in-kind contributions are allowed. The TEACH Curriculum Grant must be reapplied for annually. Applications are available on the TEACH Curricular Grant website. 

TEACH Infrastructure Grants

Information Technology Infrastructure Grants provide technology infrastructure to improve the capacity of rural school districts to utilize technology for student instruction. Only eligible, individual, rural school districts may apply. They are a reallocation of existing funds within TEACH. Infrastructure grants are competitive based on school districts with the greatest free or reduced-price lunch percentage. See current Fiscal Year for grant awards, eligible districts, eligible infrastructure and eligibility requirements on the TEACH Infrastructure Grant website.

TEACH Teacher Training Grants

The TEACH Teacher Training Grants are available to consortia of three or more eligible rural school districts for the purpose of training teachers on the use of educational technology. Grants are available for districts that have 13 or fewer students per square mile. Eligible schools and allowable grant applications are posted on the TEACH Teacher Training Grant website. $1,500,000 will be available annually for the TEACH Teacher Training Grants (Ch. 16.996, Wis. Stats). These are not additional funds to the TEACH program. They are a reallocation of existing funds within TEACH.  

Wisconsin State Personal Electronic Computing Device Grant Program

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All information is posted on the Personal Electronic Computing Device Grant Program website.

Wisconsin Technology Initiative (WTI)

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The Wisconsin Technology Initiative provides funding to K-12 schools to advance the use of technology in learning environments throughout the state of Wisconsin sponsored by the John and Tashia Morgridge Family Foundation. Curiosity, collaboration and information-gathering skills, combined with a firm foundation of academic knowledge and thinking skills, are the tools Wisconsin’s youth will need to thrive and contribute as adults in our global, knowledge-based economy. Technology, combined with professional development, can transform the way people teach and learn. Interactive whiteboards change the energy and dynamics of a classroom, cultivating excitement and confidence in learners. We believe greater access to technologically supported instruction will improve the social and economic future of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Technology Initiative website and grant application

Donor's Choose

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Founded in 2000 by a high school teacher in the Bronx, empowers public school teachers from across the country to request much-needed materials and experiences for their students. Right now there are thousands of classroom requests that you can help bring to life with a gift of any amount. The Herb Kohl Foundation helps to support the funding of Wisconsin teacher grant applications posted on the site at various times of the year.

Donor's Choose website and project submission form.  Technology guide for districts available on how to support requests and implementation process featured from CoSN.

Other Instructional, Digital Learning, and Innovative Grant Funding Resources

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Other grant funding programs to explore are sponsored by other state education agencies and curated by Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction content specialists.

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