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Institutes of Higher Education (IHE) and District Pre-Service/Intern Educator Support and Integration Guidance

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction supports our state Institutes of Higher Education to prepare our future educators to be prepared to teach in our digitally rich learning environments.  Schools are continually evolving the instructional practices and classroom technologies to encourage students to be empowered learners.  Reviewing the introductory materials on the WI Standards for ITL home page provides an overview of how teaching and learning are advancing in the digital age. 

The key shift to work on with pre-service and/or interns is the paradigm shift that "The focus is on learning with information and technology rather than learning about information and technology."  New emerging pedagogical strategies including coding, design thinking, leveraging data for students to drive their learning and the access to information is allowing students to creators of new knowledge.

wdlp The State Superintendent's Wisconsin Digital Learning Plan (2016)  identified updating the current Information and Technology Literacy Standards as a priority for DPI in collaboration with our local school districts and professional partners. The Plan's vision for student learning called for equitable, personalized, applied and engaged digital learning for all students. The skillful and equitable use of technology can transform the way teaching and learning happen in classrooms across Wisconsin. Digital tools can enhance student learning as they connect efforts to identify what students should know and be able to do as well as help students and educators assess progress toward achieving academic goals. To meet the needs of today's students and to ensure they are college and career ready, schools are encouraged to be innovative in providing student learning experiences, adopting technologies and instruction in ways, which meaningfully engage the digital generation. District have to leverage collaborative leadership teams and community partners to ensure proper planning and budgeting to support high-quality technology-rich learning opportunities.

W Standard for ITL - IHE Implementation Overview

Institutions of Higher Education are encouraged to use the WI Standards for ITL implementation tools to integrate the resources into instructional design and programming.  The ITL standards provide an insight into the emerging pedagogical practices that are integrated across all curricular areas.  In addition, the role of all instructors to be leaders in digital online safety is vital to instruct pre-service and/or interns on best practices and resources. 

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W Standard for ITL - IHE 3 year Implementation Plan

Year 1

Year 2 and 3

  • DPI will continue to create resources for IHE programs to leverage in their instructional methods courses
  • Integrate the WI Standards for ITL into your instructional design courses and use the literature review materials with your students
  • Review the District 3 Year Plan to align to your integration of the ITL standards into pre-service programming
W Standard for ITL - Pre-service Literature Review and Professional Learning Resources

Literature Review Resources

United States Department of Education. Advancing Educational Technology in Teacher Preparation: Policy Brief. (Accessed June 25, 2017)

The purpose of this policy brief is to: Ÿ Identify key challenges and solutions to the effective integration of technology in teacher preparation Ÿ Provide guiding principles on how to move the field toward effective integration of technology in teacher preparation programs Ÿ Identify areas of opportunity and collaboration for stakeholders across the field.

Review the Wisconsin Standards for ITL Literature Review section for resources relative to educator roles as well to expose student teacher and/or interns to the emerging literature around best practices and collaborative district teaming to support digital learning.  

International Society for Technology Education. 2017 ISTE Educator Standards.   (Accessed July 15, 2017).

A framework for educators to help unwrap the meaning of the new Wisconsin ITL standards to empower students in the digital age. Check out this poster to support the new ISTE Educator Standards which are the content framework for the new WI Standards for ITL.

Professional Learning Resources

There are many professional learning organizations and events to assist IHE's and pre-service students in learning about information and technology literacy programming.  Here is the top recommended learning organizations that also have social media connections, conferences and professional literature available.