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PBS Wisconsin Education - New Adventure Video Game

Monday, March 7, 2022

PBS Wisconsin Education recently launched the new point-and-click adventure video game, The Legend of the Lost Emerald! Students in grades 4-6 search for shipwrecks on the Great Lakes in this story-based game, playing Jules, a maritime archeologist, who gets pulled into a mystery exploring a shipwreck from her family's past. Students use critical thinking and historical inquiry skills to recover the real treasure: stories of shipwrecks inspired by real Great Lakes history.

Educators can access the game guide for vocabulary, academic standards, discussion questions, and support for learning more about actual shipwrecks on the Great Lakes. Supported standards include:

Students apply the language, practices, and tools of maritime archeologists. The average time to play the game in its entirety is two 35-40-minute class periods.

The Legend of the Lost Emerald is a high-quality, educational, and safe game for students to enjoy and educators to share. The game was designed by Field Day Lab, PBS Wisconsin Education, Wisconsin Sea Grant, and of course, Wisconsin educators and students. The PBS Wisconsin Shipwrecks! project includes a 60-minute documentary and a virtual reality experience.