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Future Ready Framework and Dashboard Planning Template/Tools

The Future Ready Framework Dashboard Tool -- Primary Contact: Janice Mertes

The Wisconsin Digital Learning Plan is built on the Future Ready Schools digital learning framework as a vision for student learning. That vision called for equitable, personalized, applied, and engaged digital learning for all students. As Wisconsin school districts begin to implement this vision, they are encouraged to consider the following areas: instruction, learning, and assessment; empowering, innovative leadership; technology & hardware; professional learning and building capacity; and data and privacy. The Future Ready Schools resources allow for districts to form collaborative leadership teams to work on planning and budgeting tasks as part of their continuous and strategic planning processes to ensure equity of learning opportunities for all students.

The purpose of the Future Ready Framework is to help your district leaders and instructional technology staff to understand the major components of using technology to:

  • transform learning through collaborative dialogue, planning, and budgeting processes
  • identify opportunity gaps in your district related to your continuous improvement and strategic planning goals
  • discuss integrated funding plans across federal, state, local, and other funds sources to fulfill your vision for student learning
  • develop specific action plans to address them

The Framework was developed by the Alliance for Excellence in Education and has been adopted by the US Office of Educational Technology. Almost 2500 school district teams nationwide are using the Framework.

How to Use the Future Ready Dashboard Tool:  District Data Report and Downloadable District Planning Template





FRS Planning Meets Turbo Tax: An Updated Action Planning Tool

Steps 3 and 4 of the five-step planning process have been redesigned to help district leaders quickly and efficiently gather stakeholder input and develop customized action plans to implement personalized learning strategies through effective digital transitions. With a new simple, flexible, and intuitive interface, district teams can now develop well-written, research-based plans that are full of practitioner-suggested strategies. Based on local needs, the frame and scope of each plan will vary; sometimes it will be very narrow to pilot a laptop program in one grade level or curricular area, while other plans may broadly address all gears and focus on professional development policies, procurement practices, or budgeting. Each plan should include a vision for student learning, specific supports for teachers, as well as a plan for evaluation and external communications—all prompted with sample language that is included in the new planning section!

The FRS action planning tool (Step 4 of the FRS planning process) provides districts with a "sandbox" to collaborate as a team, set goals, and select from hundreds of practitioner-created strategies used in successful digital transitions. District leaders can leverage strengths by assigning responsibilities; gathering and analyzing stakeholder perception data; tracking team progress toward established timelines, and exporting their plan at any time.

Form your District Collaborative Future Ready Leadership Team for Integrated Technology and Planning

Future Ready "Planning Template" Populated During the Data Dashboard Activity

Future Ready On Demand YouTube Channel for Step by Step Directions

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