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Virtual Learning Time in Schools - Extended Absence or Closures of 2-3 weeks

Monday, March 9, 2020


As the discussions around extended closures continue to amplify and districts look to ensure continuity of learning with Virtual Learning Time solutions, we want to share some resources and information to assist in your planning. For virtual learning to be successful you must have a plan in place that supports the learning culture already prevalent in your district. It is crucial to not only include instructional planning but also to include communication planning for families and the community to stay connected. Below you will find a number of resources to get you started in planning as well as deliver and manage a successful virtual learning experience for all students.


Background Resources

Connection to Health Services

  • DPI Pandemic Planning Tools and Novel Coronavirus Information are available from our School Nursing and Health Services Team. These resources re-enforce the same components of Virtual Learning Time planning about the need to coordinate a district-level team, create communications for all stakeholders, and ensure high standards of instructional activities that support all learners.

How do I get started?

Continue to refer to our

WI DPI District Planning and Implementation Resources for VLT -Continuity of Learning