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WI Future Ready Instructional & Technology Leaders


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Future Ready Instructional Coaches™ are innovators who believe in:

  • Supporting instructional personnel by providing customized coaching and professional learning experiences
  • Modeling and delivering differentiated professional learning
  • Encouraging educators to connect and collaborate
  • Supporting school leadership and developing teacher leaders

Future Ready Instructional Coaches™ have access to:

  • Tools and resources needed for continued development as educational and instructional leaders
  • A profession network of other instructional coaches willing to support and share best practices
  • Future Ready Instructional Coaches™ Framework

FRS Coaches strengthen teacher instructional capacity by designing and modeling sound pedagogical practices. They create innovative, learner-driven experiences that meet teachers where they are and support them through their personalized learning pathway. In addition, instructional coaches advocate for infrastructure that ensure equitable access to connectivity, digital devices, information, resources, programming, and services for all students in support of the district’s strategic vision.

Why Future Ready Instructional Coaches™ Matter

Instructional Coaches serve as the liaison between teachers, the community, leadership, and students.

Instructional Coaches support teachers with current and effective methods for providing the best instruction for students through their leadership in professional development, modeling instruction and coaching support for teachers.

Instructional Coaches work with school leadership to build a culture of trust and success.


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[EdWeek Article] Future Ready Schools to Lead

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