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Wisconsin Learning Series

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The Wisconsin Learning Series is presented in collaboration between the Wisconsin DPI Digital Learning Team and the Wisconsin Google for Education team.  The Learning Series will feature webinars focused on content and ideas related to the use of Google for Education tools, the integration of the Wisconsin ITL Standards, as well as other programs in your learning communities to enhance teaching and learning.  No learning series would be complete without the participation of educators who are doing amazing things around Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin Learning Series will highlight educators from across the state and welcome them in to share how they are enhancing learning environments and extending learning experiences for all learners.  Below, you will find an archived list of previously held webinars for you and your personal learning networks.  

Date Title (link to presentation) Presenter(s) Webinar Info/Flyer Video Link
August 26, 2019 Learning Series (Vol. 1) - Chromebook App Hub Chad Kliefoth (DPI), Mike Patterson (Google), Anne Nash (Google) Vol.1 Flyer Archived Video Link
September 26, 2019 Learning Series (Vol. 2) - Accessibility (Equity, Access, and Inclusion) Chad Kliefoth (DPI), Mike Patterson (Google) Vol. 2 Flyer Archived Video Link 
October 24, 2019 Learning Series (Vol. 3) - Online Safety, SEL, Digital Citizenship Chad Kliefoth (DPI), Mike Patterson (Google) Vol. 3 Flyer Archived Video Link
November 19, 2019 Learning Series (Vol. 4) - AR/VR in Education Jen Wathke, Jamie Averbeck Vol. 4 Flyer Archived Video Link
February 20, 2020 Learning Series (Vol. 5) - Applied Digital Skills Chad Kliefoth (DPI), Mike Patterson (Google), Erin Spaulding (Google) Vol. 5 Flyer Archived Video Link
May 7, 2020 Learning Series (Vol. 6) - Remote Learning Updates from DPI and Google Chad Kliefoth (DPI), Anne Nash (Google) Vol. 6 Flyer Video Coming Soon