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Information and Technology Literacy

Information and Technology Literacy is the ability of an individual, working independently or with others, to use tools, resources, processes, and systems responsibly to access and evaluate information in any medium, and to use that information to solve problems, communicate clearly, make informed decisions, and construct new knowledge, products, or systems. The standards outlined in this document provide an important foundation to prepare students to be college and career ready.

September 1, 1998, marked the publication date of the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Information & Technology Literacy (ITLS). The document was created by a statewide task force whose charge was to develop a set of clear, measurable academic standards defining what Wisconsin students, by the end of grades four, eight and twelve, should know and be able to do relative to the access, evaluation, and use of information and technology. 

Currently, many of our Wisconsin schools are leveraging components of the International Society for Technology Education Student Standards and the American Association for School Library student standards. The Wisconsin ITL standards are currently being updated and you can find more information about this process by going to the Information and Technology Literacy Standards DPI page.

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