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October: Keeping Kids Safe Online Month

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

It's October, and that's Keeping Kids Safe Online Month! We like to talk about safety year-round, but this is a great opportunity to share some new and updated resources. Just as every child is unique, so are the practices that parents use to keep their kids out of danger. Below are some great resources for ideas to get you started so you can personalize your internet safety plan to best suit your family and your child(ren).

Are you a parent, guardian, or caregiver of a child looking for information and updates on trends?
This probably covers most of us! We've got some great information for you, whether you are just getting started on your online safety plan with your child or you're looking to brush up on new apps and tech trends.
  • Wisconsin Department of Justice - Internet Crimes Against Children
    • Check out our new Tip Sheets for trending apps! Bonus, they share icons or appearances with the apps they explain to help familiarize you to the look!
  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
    • The Department of Public Instruction has an entire tab on their Internet Safety page dedicated to parents! Any topic you can think of regarding keeping kids safe online can probably be found here, making it an excellent resource when you are just getting started on a topic. Extra option? Let your kiddos check out the Students tab!
  • Protect Kids Online Podcast
    • The PKO Podcast has made news as a global resource! We're proud to be a resource for you; listen on our site, download for later, or subscribe to future episodes. Wondering about an app or topic that hasn't been covered? Send a message through our online submission form on the site, or email us at!
Are you an educator, seeking content for the classroom?
  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
    • The Department of Public Instruction also has a tab on their Internet Safety page dedicated to educators! Not only are there links to useful tools for the classroom, but there are also lesson plans on specific topics that can be incorporated into your curriculum. We know you're busy; what a great resource!
  • Common Sense Education / NetSmartz
    • Common Sense Education is releasing NEW lesson plans for integrating Digital Citizenship skills in the classroom. They are starting with grades 3-5 and will release new lessons throughout the year. NetSmartz is also working on updated content, so stay tuned!
  • Wisconsin Department of Justice - Internet Crimes Against Children & the Protect Kids Online Podcast
    • Check out WI ICAC's new Tip Sheets for trending apps! It's great to stay aware of the trends we see our kids using. Are you seeing apps that are new in your area or that you want to know more about? Send a message through the website below. The sooner we hear about trends, the sooner we can research safety and discussion information and share that with the state, nation, and world. Stay safe!
Are you seeking resources as a safety professional?
These are robust resources to use or provide to others. Please email us if you have questions, check out PKO episodes and archived e-newsletters, and connect with us on social media (links at bottom of newsletter). And share, share, share with other people in your life interested in keeping kids safe online!


...Plus, check out Wisconsin ICAC's exciting news below!
Announcing....Kozak's Corner!
Kozak is an Electronic Storage Detection canine (ESD) that alerts to the chemical component found in many electronic storage devices. Kozak officially joined the Wisconsin ICAC Task Force in August, and one of his roles will be sharing cyber safety tips & trivia in Kozak's Corner each month!

"95% of teens now say they have or have access to a smartphone."

That number seems DOG-GONE close to 100!

With these little computers (and Internet access) in the hands of almost all teens, we need to remember to check-in with our kids about their online lives and activities regularly.

Check out the resources in this newsletter; they'll help get you started!