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2013-2014 Legislation

The Department of Public Instruction's Policy and Budget Team analyzes and monitors key legislation affecting schools, libraries, and the department. The team works closely with the department's Legislative Liaison, Dee Pettack, who can answer legislative questions or concerns. Legislative inquiries should be directed to Dee Pettack via email or phone at (608) 267-1063.

2013-14 Session

View the education and library related bills introduced in the 2013-2014 session and whether the department has taken a formal position.  If a bill has an Act number assigned to it under column E of the attached document, the bill has been passed by both houses and signed into law by the governor.  

AB 40 - 2013-15 Biennial Budget Bill

Assembly Bill 126 - Charter Schools

Assembly Bill 297-  Mascots and Logos

Assembly Bill 288 - County Payments to Adjacent Libraries

Assembly Bill 379 - School and School District Accountability System

Assembly Bill 502- Epinephrine Auto-Injector Plans

Assembly Bill 549 - Charter School Authorization and Replication, Magnet Schools

Assembly Bill 609 - 30 Minutes Daily Physical Education Required

Assembly Bill 616 - Student Biometric Data

Assembly Bill 617 - Establishment of Academic Standards

Assembly Bill 618 - Student Data

  • Testimony in opposition.
  • Letter to Secretary Duncan Regarding Student Data

Assembly Bill 662 - Fund 80, Community service Programs

Assembly Bill 682 - Special Needs Vouchers

Assembly Bill 748 - Parental Choice Program Preaccreditation and Timelines

Assembly Bill 749 - 180 Days

  • Testimony  for information only.  Note: If Assembly Substitute Amendment 1 is adopted the department will change its position to support.

Assembly Bill 777 - Educator Effectiveness Equivalency

Senate Bill 51 - Three credits math and science.

  • Testimony in support.
  •  Identical testimony was given to the Assembly Committee on Education on Assembly Bill 489.

Senate Bill 76 - Contract for Additional Charter Schools

Senate Bill 184 - Bullying by Electronic Means

Senate Bill 286 - School and School District Accountability System

  • DPI feedback to Representative Jim Steineke on Assembly Substitute Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 286.

Senate Bill 318 - Alternative Process for Selling Milwaukee Public School Buildings

  • Testimony in opposition.
  • Identical testimony was given to the Assembly Committee on Government Operations and State Licensing on Assembly Bill 417.

Senate Bill 375 - Epinephrine Auto-Injector Plans

Senate Bill 478 - Use of Fund 80, Community Service Levy

Senate Bill 525 - Special Needs Vouchers

Senate Bill 584 - Requirements for New Private Schools

Senate Bill 589 - Number of School Days and Hours of Instruction

Senate Bill 619 - Academic Standards Board

  • Testimony in opposition.
  • Legal Memo from DPI detailing how the legislature can write standards.
  • Legal Memo from Legislative Council demonstrates how the legislature can write standards.
2013 Acts Signed Into Law
2013 Act Number Bill Number Topic
46 Senate Bill 1

School District Budgets

59 Senate Bill 331

Technical Ed Grants (Gudex) Career and technical education incentive grants. 

60 Senate Bill 334 Higher Ed Scholarships (Gudex) Technical excellence higher education scholarships. 
63 Senate Bill 51

Mathematics (Joint Legislative Council) The number of mathematics and science credits required for a high school diploma. 

71 Assembly Bill 8

Hunting Regulations (Kleefisch) Restrictions on hunting within a specified distance of hospitals, sanatoriums, or school grounds and restrictions imposed by local governmental units on hunting with a bow and arrow or crossbow. 

88 Assembly Bill 11 Sex Offenders (Kleefisch) Requires notification for registered sex offenders who are on school premises. 
93 Senate Bill 258 Concussions (Farrow) The distribution by schools of a concussion and head injury information sheet and the participation by pupils in a youth athletic activity
96 Assembly Bill 281 School Buses (Ripp) Warning lights on school buses.  
112 Senate Bill 336 Youth Apprenticeship (Harsdorf) Local youth apprenticeship grants. 
115 Assembly Bill 297 Race-based Nicknames (Nass) The use of race-based nicknames, logos, mascots, and team names by school boards. 
138 Senate Bill 284 High School Credit (Grothman) Allowing pupils in grades 7 and 8 to earn high school credit. 
157 Assembly Bill 288 Libraries (Murphy) County payments to public libraries in adjacent counties.
171 Assembly Bill 567 Records (LRB Remedial Legislation) Access to public records.
172 Assembly Bill 568 Admnistrative Rules (LRB Remedial Legislation) Effective date of administrative rules promulgated by state agencies.
237 Senate Bill 584 Parental Choice Program (Vukmir) Requirements for new private schools seeking to participate in a parental choice program and requiring a private school participating in a parental choice program to maintain accreditation.

Legislative Council Memos Summarizing Acts Signed Into Law

The full text of all acts and any related veto messages can be found on the Legislative Reference Bureau's website.

Legislative Fiscal Bureau 2013 Informational Papers