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2015-2016 Legislation

View education and library related bills introduced in the 2015-2016 session and whether the department has taken a formal position. If a bill has an Act number assigned to it under column E of the attached document, the bill has been passed by both houses and signed into law by the governor.  

Informational Hearing Materials

  • Assembly Education Committee, February 19, 2015
  • Speaker's Assembly Task Force on Youth and Workforce Readiness, September 10, 2015

2015 Assembly Bills

2015 Senate Bills

2015 Acts Signed Into Law

Act Number
Bill Number Topic


Senate Bill 67 School Accountability (Farrow) Pupil assessments, evaluation of educator effectiveness, and school accountability reports. 
23 Senate Bill 70 Off Duty Officers (Wanggaard) Off-duty law enforcement officers and former law enforcement officers going armed with firearms on or near school grounds.
28 Assembly Bill 56 Remedial Classes (Jagler) University of Wisconsin System reports regarding remedial courses in English and mathematics
37 Senate Bill 121 Election Law Changes (LeMahieu) Various election law changes.
46 Assembly Bill 37 National School Lunch Program (Petryk) Requiring certain persons to hold certificates of food protection practices in order to operate certain school lunchrooms participating in the National School Lunch Program.
52 Senate Bill 122 Habitual Truancy (Harris Dodd) Method for notifying parent or guardian of habitually truant pupil.
53 Senate Bill 32 Achievement Gap Reduction (Legislative Council) Achievement gap reduction contracts requiring participating schools to implement strategies for improving academic performance of low-income pupils in reading and mathematics, granting rule-making authority, and making an appropriation.
63 Assembly Bill 325 School Board Vacancies (Weatherston) allowing a school board president to fill certain vacancies on a school board of a common, union high, or unified school district.
70 Assembly Bill 74

Online Drivers Instruction (Ripp) Online instruction provided by driver schools licensed by the Department of Transportation. 

71 Senate Bill 254 Achievement Gap Reduction (Olsen) The Achievement Gap Reduction program
72 Assembly Bill 332 Parental Choice Program Limits (Sanfelippo) The pupil participation limit in the statewide parental choice program
92 Senate Bill 217 School Board Member Participation (Lassa) Allowing a school board member to serve as a volunteer coach or extracurricular activity supervisor.
99 Senate Bill 265 Library Boards (Nass) Membership of certain federated public library system boards.
101 Assembly Bill 193 Child Custody (Loudenbeck) The notification of relatives when a child is removed from the custody of the child's parent and placement of a child with a parent of a sibling of the child who has custody of the sibling. 
108 Senate Bill 261 UW System Telecommunications (Darling) Certain telecommunications services provided to the University of Wisconsin System and making an appropriation.
118 Assembly Bill 388 GAB Reorganization (Knudson) Reorganizing the Government Accountability Board, requiring the exercise of rule-making authority, and making an appropriation.
123 Senate Bill 158 Commercial Driver License (Petrowski) Commercial driver licenses.
150 Assembly Bill 373 State Civil Service (Steinke) The state civil service and making an appropriation.
161 Assembly Bill 478 Pupil Records Disclosure (Ballweg) Pupil Records Disclosure
169 Senate Bill 466 Delinquent Library Accounts (Harsdorf) Authorizing certain libraries to notify collection agencies and law enforcement agencies of delinquent accounts.
187 Assembly Bill 678 WRS and ETF (Law Revision) Remedial legislation affecting the Wisconsin Retirement System and the Department of Employee Trust Funds
190 Assembly Bill 681 Grants for National Teacher Certification (Law Revision) Grants for national teacher certification or master educator licensure and licensure for alternative education program teachers (suggested as remedial legislation by DPI)
201 Senate Bill 407 Biennial Budget Requests (Kapenga) Biennial budget requests of state agencies.
212 Senate Bill 640 Audits of Choice Schools (Olsen) independent financial audits of private schools participating in a parental choice program, a civics exam as a condition for obtaining a high school diploma, and factors for determining school and school district performance on the school and school district accountability report.
228 Senate Bill 492 Student Crime Reports (Lazich) a student safety incident tracking pilot program for school districts and making an appropriation.
259 Senate Bill 449 Vocational Education Teaching Licenses (Darling) licenses to teach vocational education subjects.
280 Assembly Bill 665 Robotics Competitions Grants (Neylon) Grants for participation in robotics competitions and making an appropriation. 
289 Senate Bill 615 Special Needs Scholarship Program (Vukmir) Special needs scholarship program.
294 Assembly Bill 664 School Mental Health Services (Kitchens) Mental health services in schools.
297 Assembly Bill 602 Private School Accrediting (Katsma) Accrediting entities for private schools participating in a parental choice program.
305 Assembly Bill 824 Sparsity Aid (Mursau) Sparsity aid.
306 Assembly Bill 704 Tribal College Libraries (Mursau) Tribal college and county joint libraries. 
338 Assembly Bill 722 School Accountability Report (Neylon) School/School district accountability reports. 
348 Senate Bill 596 DWD Workforce Training Appropriations (Kapenga) Consolidation of various appropriations to the Department of Workforce Development for various workforce training programs into a single appropriation to that department for workforce training, restructuring of the career and technical education incentive grant program administered by that department, and making appropriations.
359 Assembly Bill 793 Teacher Loan Program (Quinn) The teacher loan program. 
386 Assembly Bill 441 Veterans Employment Initiative (Allen) Establishing the Wisconsin Veterans Employment Initiative.
390 Assembly Bill 545 Lifesaving Skills Instruction (Spiros) Providing lifesaving skills instruction to pupils.

Legislative Council Memos Summarizing Acts Signed Into Law

The full text of all acts and any related veto messages can be found on the Legislative Reference Bureau's website.

Legislative Fiscal Bureau 2015 Informational Papers