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WISCAT Membership

WISCAT membership agreement renewals are not automatic. Libraries must complete a membership agreement each year to continue access. Our membership window opens in the Fall each year, please contact WISCAT staff for more information.


Benefits of Being a WISCAT Member

All WISCAT resource sharing functions are included with a membership, including:

  • Create and manage interlibrary loan (ILL) requests
  • Access to out-of-state library lenders
  • Optional patron-initiated interlibrary loan
  • Access to interlibrary loan reports and statistics
  • Add, change, or delete holdings interactively in the union catalog
  • Customize search and display screen options
  • Technical support and training
  • Download MARC records
  • Z39.50 access to the WISCAT Union Catalog from within your library's catalog
  • Make your Z39.50 compatible library catalog accessible in WISCAT

Libraries or clearinghouses using ILLiad or another ILL management platform

The ISO ILL standard allows WISCAT, WorldShare, ILLiad, and other ILL platforms to work together. This is intended to encourage sharing resources across platforms and provide the broadest collection of available information and resources to Wisconsin residents. Library Services Team staff will work to implement cross-platform communication to the extent the technology is supported by both the software vendors and the ISO ILL standard protocol.

  • Individual libraries using ILLiad (or other software) wanting to directly send requests to WISCAT libraries are required to be WISCAT members.
  • Public library systems using ILLiad (or other software) to refer requests on behalf of multiple libraries to WISCAT also need to be full members, along with those individual libraries.

Contact WISCAT staff for more information.