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Application Directions for Portfolio Submission for Three-Year District-Sponsored License with Stipulations

To be eligible for a regular license after completing the three-year, district-sponsored license with stipulations (LWS3), a teacher must:

If you are working toward licensure as a Library Media Specialists, Math, or Computer Science Teacher please visit the link above.

For further information on the portfolio please view the LWS3 handbook

How to Apply for Three-Year District Sponsored License with Stipulations 

5-step graphic

1. Determine if you must submit fingerprints

2. Gather Documents

  • Preview the ELO Conduct & Competency Questions to see if you will need to provide documentation of any alleged misconduct
  • After completing and submitting your application in ELO you will receive an email from DPI containing an individualized link to upload your documents via the secure file transfer system KiteWorks.
  • Upload all of your artifacts + explanations and your Administrator Recommendation Form through KiteWorks.
  • More information on submitting documentation coming soon please visit Latest Licensing News


3. Log in to Educator Licensing Online (ELO)

  • Within ELO, make sure you have answered the three onboarding questions.
  • Find the APPLY FOR A NEW LICENSE section of the Quick Start Menu. Select the same choices that are shown in the three drop-down in the application screenshot below:

T001 8300

  • Choose "1-Teacher Category"
  • Choose "A-Teacher (including 5-Year Sub) [T001]
  • Choose "Teacher: Request 3 Year, Non-Renewable, License with Stipulations [8300]"

4. Receive Email Confirmation and upload portfolio via KiteWorks


5. Complete Application in ELO


Our processing times vary throughout the year. For current processing times see the Check Application Status page.


Submit questions and comments about this information to the Licensing Online Help desk.